Julian Musgrave

My name is Julian Musgrave. I live in the Perth Hills in Western Australia and I’m lucky enough to have a very talented wife and two great little girls that I just adore.

The path I’ve taken in life to get where I am today, isn’t what you would call typical. Indeed, it’s a path that has enabled me to build an extraordinary cross section of skills and has led to invaluable, colourful experiences across a broad spectrum of life and lives.

The last six years or so my passion has been working with people to improve financial management and rid their lives of money stress. I especially love transforming the lives of business owners. I believe the reason most people start working for themselves isn’t to be a slave to their business, working 100 hrs a week and paying everyone else first. We go into business for ourselves to enjoy the flexibility it offers and so we get to make the decisions. The aim is to build an amazing life, or at least a better life, for we and our families. But the self-employed journey is rarely smooth or easy and very few succeed at it without a mentor to guide them.

The son of a farm manager, I grew up owning nothing, but living a great country life and I left school about a month before I turned 15. At a time in Australia when interest rates were around 18% and unemployment was high, my mother said (after I declared once too often that I didn’t want to be at school any more) that if I could find a job I could leave. She didn’t think I had a chance, but four days later I was on a bus to Derby, 2000km north of home, to work as a jackeroo (cowboy) on a million acre cattle station. I did 12 months away before returning home to start the next chapter.

In the years following I finished school and instead of going to university, joined the Australian Army, posted to 1RAR in Townsville, North Queensland. Since then I’ve had an array of jobs, many in the mining industry both operating and training operators on large earthmoving equipment. I’ve since gone on to build and sell several businesses of my own. My first was a Steel Frame Fabrication business (yes, I’m a dab hand with a welder) and my last was a Mortgage Broking business. Like most in business, I’ve made good decisions and bad and I’ve learned a heck of a lot.

Life and experience has also shown me that I’m a natural teacher. Probably not suited to the local school’s classroom, but I am a qualified Trainer and Assessor (Cert IV Training and Assessing) and have worked as a trainer in the fields of heavy earthmoving machine operation, finance industry business coaching, mortgage broking and other disciplines. I’ve been flown around Australia to mentor and skills-coach experienced operators in 100 ton + bull dozers and 300 ton + excavators and in more recent years, to coach mortgage brokers and new financial planners on how to sell and build referral relationships.

After making my transition from earthmoving to finance – and it was almost as sudden as that, I built my own mortgage broking business (having attained Cert IV Financial Services (Mortgage Broking)) then helped build a national mortgage brokerage, recruiting and mentoring members. I then attained qualifications in financial planning (Diploma in Financial Services (Financial Planning)) and went on to help build a national financial planning dealer group where I mentored and coached finance brokers across Australia on the integration of financial planning into their existing businesses. In the process of working one on one with impassioned and overwhelmed business owners alike, I’ve been given a window into not only how business works but also how people work in business. 

I met Dr Tony roughly twelve years ago and I have been involved in at least three of his business ventures. Right now, we are very excited to be pooling our experience and expertise to help change the world over the next short period of time.

Somebody asked me a while back what it is I do – what I am. It took me some time to answer because technically I’m a Financial Planner but I do so much more. I then sat down with Amanda, my wife, and asked her what I do, what I am. She said I’m a business and personal transformation adviser. I think she nailed it.

What am I like to work with? Again I asked my wife this and she reckons my approach to coaching is straight up and down with no BS. I think most who know me would agree with that. She also added that I have a compassionate and understanding nature when required but the best value I bring is in getting clients to focus on what’s important. All that is probably true, but all I know is, each person or business I work with is a new opportunity to make a difference and for me, that’s really exciting!

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  • Ashley on November 29, 2016 at 8:45 pm

    Julian is refreshingly brilliant – his wife is correct, he’s straight up and down with no BS and wholehearted compassion! After getting to know me and my business, Julian offered very helpful and easy to implement money strategies. He provided a framework for what I need to do to manage my money based on where I am today, and where I want to be in the future – financially free from my business. He took me on an insightful deep dive, providing a refreshing perspective on my business and my role in it. I’m ready to jump into the money planner – when I find it 😉 and working with Julian further. Thank you!

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