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Callan Rush & Justin Livingston –Founders of Lucrative Luminary Training Inc.

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Finally, there is a way to stop feeling trapped and constantly stressed about money.  
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When is your date with Financial Freedom? It's closer than you may believe...and this book will walk you through the process step-by-step, including:
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  • How to chart your path to financial freedom through philosophies and strategies to invest, create new income stream, protect your wealth, and pass it on.
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Discover how to manage your money, get out of debt and build wealth that gives you true financial freedom!
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  • Why 96% of people never reach Financial Freedom (and how to avoid becoming a part of this statistic).
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  • The 3 stages to Financial Freedom and the surprising truth about how simple it is to get started.
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When is your date with Financial Freedom? It's closer than you may believe...and this book will walk you through the process step-by-step, including:
  • The only 2 business models that can turn your business into a personal Financial Freedom machine.
  • How to avoid the Cash Flow Crunch – that dreaded trap that keeps business owners stuck and 50% worse off than employees at the end of their working lives.
  • The key concepts to successfully manage your money the same way the top 4% of wealthy business owners do.

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Dr. Tony Pennells, Co-Founder of MindShift.money. He is the best-selling author of 3 books on finances and has built several businesses recognized by Business Review Weekly as some of the fastest 100 growing companies in Australia.  

A Medical Doctor, Dr.Tony became financially free at 27 years old and was able to leave medicine to focus on being a father and husband to his family. In the time since, he’s built several multi-million dollar businesses, has been married for 22 years to an amazing wife, and is the father to two boys he calls his “champions”.

Makaylah Rogers, Co-Founder, Chief Editor and CEO of MindShift.money. She is a Thought Leader for her generation, teaching people how to rewrite the “rules” we’ve been taught about money. With an extensive background in wealth building and personal development, Makaylah’s path has taken her into several executive roles and positions across various fields including launching startups, real estate sales and motivational keynote speaking.

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