“It’s Harder & More Expensive Than Ever Before to Be Profitable as a Leader in the Transformation Industry."
TRANSFORMATIONAL Business Owners who've been paying attention understand massive change is sweeping through our industry. The market has matured. Consumers are more sophisticated. What used to work to get clients and expand business is now ineffective. 

New Coaches, Healers, Holistic Practitioners & Transformation Leaders flood the market daily. Competition is fierce. Facebook feeds are clogged with ads, promotions and opportunities. Potential clients are overwhelmed with choice. It’s hard  to stand out from the crowd. 

What’s worse? Big business has caught wind that the ‘industry of transformation’ is a viable place to make money. As a result,  they've entered the space with multi-million dollar marketing budgets. Small practitioners & solopreneurs are being wiped out in increasing numbers. Sadly, it’s only going to get worse. In less than a year, we predict HUNDREDS of Transformation Business Owners will be forced to close their doors. 
 the Income and
Impact of Your
Transformation Business!”
There’s one sure-fire way to save your business and your dream… while continuing to work towards creating massive positive Global Change. This time-tested strategy is currently used in countless other industries. It requires, however, a Brand New Way of thinking about and doing business. It requires we put down the concept of competition and start to work together.
"To Stay Safe and Relevant in a Rapidly Maturing Market...Small Biz Owners Must COLLABORATE.” 
Dr. Tony Pennells, Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy (SARK), Justin Livingston & Callan Rush have observed rapid changes in the Transformation Industry over the past year. Each own multi-million dollar Transformation Businesses, and consequently have FRONT ROW SEATS to what’s happening . After months of research, listening to clients, and deeply evaluating their own business results, they collectively saw that the future of Small Business Owners in the space was in major jeopardy.
Market Maturation, which happens
in every industry, has resulted in...
Crazy Competition...
Increasing numbers of Transformational Coaches, Educators, Holistic Practitioners, Workshop, Retreat and Seminar Leaders are flooding into the Space. Facebook Feeds are clogged with promotions, announcements, ads and opportunities for personal growth. On the one hand, this is great news! The light is spreading and people are waking up. On the other hand, it’s become much more difficult for the solo practitioner or small business owner to stand out from the crowd, beat the noise and enroll clients.
Big Business Take Over...
The pioneers in the Transformation Industry have proven that this market is a viable place to make money. As a result, Big Business is moving in and taking over! The small players working on their own will never be able to compete with multi-million dollar marketing budgets. How can a small Holistic Health Practitioner compete against Big Pharma?! The answer is, they can’t. Not alone, anyway…
Sky-Rocketing Costs...
Across the board, the day to day operating expenses of Transformation Businesses are way up! Staffing, workshop venues, travel, advertising, software, outsourcing costs are unsustainable. Facebook ads alone have increased in cost by 122% year over year! Most small businesses are month to month at best. At worst… they are rapidly accumulating mounting debt! It takes more and more capital just to stay ahead. What’s worse? The personal reserves of the small business owner are draining – putting their family’s future at risk. It’s not a good situation.
Diminishing Profits...
What used to work to enroll clients and grow business is no longer working. It takes double or triple the amount of effort and expense just to achieve the results small businesses used to achieve. Email open rates are plummeting. Launch results are tanking. Webinars are under attended… and client enrolment is stagnant and slipping fast.
Demanding Clients...
When the clients of a market know they have choice, they become increasingly discerning and way less forgiving. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, client demands for perfection are taxing the already over-worked, overwhelmed solopreneur. Refund requests are up, along with the voices of disgruntled consumers. You cannot afford to under deliver anymore. You can’t even afford to be average because there is always someone around the corner who will offer to do something similar to what you do better, for cheaper. 
No Exit Strategy!
Most Transformation Leaders have built businesses that are dependent upon them. Meaning, if they do decide to pivot and do something else… they’ll find very little (if any) saleable value for their business. That is, it won’t be worth anything to a possible buyer without their personality and skill set attached. If they decide to transition from their business due to the mounting pressure… their legacy ends with them.
How Do You Survive & Remain Profitable in an
increasingly Mature and Competitive Environment?!
The SECRET is to become More Efficient
A business that’s more efficient always wins in a highly competitive marketplace. The #1 way to become more efficient is to COLLABORATE with other Business Owners. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a community whose sole purpose was to facilitate strategic collaboration for the betterment of the Transformation Industry & World… UNTIL NOW!
This is What 
the Transcend Alliance
 is All About!
How Does the TRANSCEND ALLIANCE Support Members to Integrate Collaboration Into Their Business?
WHAT:  To ‘Mastermind’ means to get together with like-minded colleagues to share best and worst Business Practices. Most Transformation Leaders engage in this level of collaboration fairly effectively… though there’s always room for improvement. 

WHY: A Mastermind is a great way to engage with others, share ideas and learn. It’s a chance to 10x growth as a business owner in a short amount of time. It also accelerates personal development.

HOW: The Transcend Alliance Facilitates Consistent Masterminding in Monthly Virtual Settings & Multiple Annual Live Retreats. A uniquely supportive community, the Transcend Alliance is a safe environment in which members share personal and professional concerns, challenges, and limitations they’re experiencing. Each member gets multiple opportunities to have the group mastermind solutions for them. Unlike traditional Masterminding, members are not sent home to implement on their own! Alliance Members stay in touch with one another to encourage progress.

PLEASE NOTE: Traditional MASTERMINDS are often made up of individuals from the same industry. This can lead to ‘in the box’ thinking, and rampant ‘blind spots.’ The best mastermind contexts must consist of experts with diverse set of skills, backgrounds, experience and industry. Diversity is Key. 

The Transcend Alliance aims to become one of the most diverse pools of Talent, Genius & Expertise in the World. Each individual welcomed into the community is vetted for what they can offer the group. We value integrity, expertise, morality, heart and conscious thinking.
WHAT: Co-Promotion is the practice of two or more companies combining their sales and marketing forces to promote a product, program or service. It’s considered one of the two major forms of Joint Venturing… and is extremely powerful! 

WHY: Co-Promotion offers a Business Owner serious leverage. It is a strategy that exponentially grows the reach and impact of a marketing message. 

HOW: Each Member in the Transcend Alliance is a Business Owner with Influence. They either have their own following and voice… or they have significant connections to major players in the world. The Transcend Alliance aims to unapologetically provide every single member with the unfair advantage of being promoted to one another’s audiences. Imagine that!
WHAT: Why does every house on the block have it’s own lawn mower? Is that necessary or efficient? We think not. Imagine if there was one lawn mower that each house on the block could borrow, maintain and use. Think how much money would be saved! The same goes for services and resources shared and utilized by members of the Transcend Alliance.
WHY: We’ve said it before… efficiency wins in a competitive and maturing market. When businesses reduce their costs by sharing resources, they accelerate their income, impact and inspiration. It’s that simple.

HOW: The Transcend Alliance offers Members access to Shared Resources. What would it mean to your profit margins to share the costs of things like Client Care, Admin, and Sales Teams? What if you could plug into a platform that supplied all of the infrastructure needed to run your organization... at the fraction of the cost? There’s no need for every individual business owner to have their own Facebook Manager, Graphic Designer, Virtual Assistant and be paying them a premium rate! By sharing resources, small business owners can significantly reduce their operating costs and potentially access more services and skills-sets than they’ve been able to before! 
WHAT: Co-Creation is the coming together of solopreneurs with common missions to create new entities. These new entities or platforms are much stronger and more able to make a larger impact in the world. (For example, a solitary couple’s counsellor will do good work in their community… but will they significantly impact the divorce rate worldwide? Probably not.)

WHY: When a committed group of individuals with a significant amount of experience in a similar content area get together – they can begin to control a conversation worldwide. They can also build an extremely valuable asset that will be saleable down the road. Their mission can TRANSCEND their personality… and create intergenerational wealth for their family!

HOW: The old paradigm of solopreneurship is dying. While some practitioners will survive for a short time, most won’t without forming strategic partnerships with other people in their industry. Already, there are collections of Transcend Alliance Members banding together to pool resources, content, talent, and mission. Content Platforms founded by multiple members have gotten their start from within the community. If you’re tired of working alone – but still believe in your mission work… this community is for you.
BONUS: Co-Created Transformation Platforms when done correctly, can become large FINANCIAL ASSETS that Founders can sell to ensure Financial Security for their Family for Generations!
  •  The Transcend Alliance is for Business Owners who want to transcend a business that is dependent upon them, their skill set, or their personality. 
  •  We welcome those interested in co-creating with other experts in their content area to create a new brand that has impact beyond their lifetime… and that creates intergenerational wealth for their family.   
  •  The Transcend Alliance is for those craving support. It's a collaborative eco-system of Transformation Leaders dedicated to staying relevant, profitable, and committed to creating massive world change.  
  •  The entire community is designed to support Transformation Business Owners to either take their current business to the next level ….OR to co-create a whole new collaborative platform! 
  •  At this stage we’re curating a very special group of people. There are a small number of spots available for 2018. We’re looking for Transformation Business Owners who share the common goal of bringing positive change to the world.  
  •  We’re looking for diversity…in knowledge, perspective, expertise, skills, experience and culture. 
 IMPORTANT: Please complete the Application very carefully to be considered for the Transcend Alliance. Include as much detail as possible.  You'll be asked for a FULLY REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT to submit your application. If approved, we’ll set up a Discovery Call with you. On this call, we’ll interview you to make sure you’re a good fit for the community. You can ask all of your questions. IF you or we decide it is NOT a fit, you'll get 100% of your Deposit back immediately.  We want to make sure the Transcend Alliance is a perfect fit for you – and you are a perfect fit for the eco-system!   
The Transcend Alliance is not a community where you sit at the feet of the founders, and rely upon them to teach you. It is not a new program – but rather a brand new business paradigm! The Transcend Alliance is a collaborative ecosystem where all members stand alongside the founders as colleagues and co-creators.
In short, we’re inviting you to PARTNER with us! Only Individuals that take radical personal responsibility while recognizing their contribution is equally valuable and necessary for the success of the ecosystem will be admitted. Those that ask, “What Can I Do For the Alliance?” in addition to asking, “What Can the Alliance Do for Me?” will be considered first.
Please Note: All Transcend Alliance Members Commit to Working Together to Create a Collective Vision. Our Aim is to Create a Friction-less Ecosystem Where Each Member is Invested in One Another’s Success. All Members Understand and Are Oriented Toward Creating Massive, Positive Change in the World."    
Is There a Transcend Alliance Membership Fee?
Yes. However, the investment for the Transcend Alliance DOES NOT GO to line pockets of the founders. A significant portion of all membership fees go into a shared funding pool.

This shared funding pool acts as an investment fund which will be used to fund the platforms and projects of Transcend Alliance Members. Periodically – we’ll run an internal ‘Shark Tank’ type event. Members will have opportunities to get initial funding grants to get their project off the ground, or they’ll be able to persuade the group to become investors so they can scale their venture.
  •  Monthly Group Mastermind Sessions
  •  1:1 Support
  •  3 Annual Live Retreats 
  •  24-7 On Demand Online Community 
  •  Ability to Apply for In-House Funding Grants 
  •  Direct Access to Platform & Wealth Building Resources/ Education  
  •  Live & Virtual Love Seats 
  •  Access to Co-promotion Opportunities 
  •  Shared Soft and Hard Resources 
  •  Much More… 
If Your Application Is Accepted, We'll Share Details of All The Transcend Alliance Privileges!
Are you ready for THE NEW NORMAL?
Old Paradigm of Business vs THE TRANSCEND ALLIANCE
Lifetime Impact
Guru Model
Local Impact
Being the Messenger
Slow Growth
Shoe String Budget
Profit Today
Legacy Impact
Diversity of Teachers
Global Impact
Commitment to the Message
Accelerated Growth
Shared Resources
Funding Pool for Members
Intergenerational Wealth
We're Currently Accepting Applications for the
Last 12 spots Available for 2018!
The countdown's on to submit your application! This is your chance to help create a NEW NORMAL! 
  •  Do you want to your business to THRIVE?
  •  Do you want to have a larger IMPACT ON THE WORLD and help bring about some tangible change for the better? 
  •  Do you want to keep MAKING AN IMPACT LONG AFTER YOU'RE GONE? 
  •  Do you want your children and their children in turn, to PROSPER because of your endeavors?
MEET a Few of Your Transcend Co-Creators...
Callan Rush
Co-Founder of Lucrative Luminary Training
Master Curriculum Designer / Workshop & Seminar Expert
Callan Rush is a ‘Master Educator’ when it comes to all aspects of designing and delivering Workshops, Retreats and Seminars. With University Degrees in Psychology and Education – and over 2 decades of experience, Callan has mastered the art and science of designing and delivering live and virtual, education-based events.

When Callan speaks, people listen. She's a highly entertaining presenter who delights her audiences with a unique blend of education and wisdom, honesty and humor, and complete generosity of self and spirit. She is regularly invited to speak on stages where she's often the only Great Woman among a collection of great men. Author of the best-selling book, “Wealth Through Workshops,” Callan is known and loved all over the world as the go-to resource on the topic. However, creating, "Wealth through Workshops" is not this highly respected woman’s end game. Her mission and her purpose go an immense distance beyond that. 
Among other extraordinary things, Callan brings absolute clarity to your message and align it with your offers, so they resonate beautifully with your tribe.” 
Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy
Best-selling author, artist, teacher and mentor
SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) began by creating her iconic How To Be An Artist poster in her Magic Cottage in San Francisco, and has now owned her highly successful creative business for almost 30 years. 

She is the best selling author and artist of seventeen books (and writing her most succulent now) selling over three million copies. Her art, programs, products and services have sold around the world. She is an acclaimed teacher and mentor, and her wisdom has touched and transformed the lives of millions. 
SARK has been praised by people like Dr. Wayne Dyer,  Julia Cameron, Louise Hay and so many more. Dr. Maya Angelou wrote about SARK "We, in this world, and this weary old world itself, have a great gaping need for SARK. Let's call for more and more SARK to fill every child's book bag and each attaché case."

SARK’s purpose is to be a transformer, uplifter and laser beam of love, and she offers that through her art, words and spirit, and mentors others in significantly offering their unique gifts to the world also. She is mightily inspired by people making their creative dreams REAL.
SARK spends a lot of time lounging, and knows that play and relaxation create powerfull results. She lives joyfully in San Francisco, and shares her life with other loving creative beings.
“SARK will remind you of the true essence of life and the core essentials of living. She'll deeply affect your Spirit and empower you to unapologetically live life on your own terms. She's a beacon of Hope & Light in a chaotic world.” 
Dr Tony Pennells
Best-selling author and Founding Director of
A qualified medical doctor, Dr. Tony bought his time back by the age of 27 and was able to leave medicine to focus on being a father and husband to his family.  In the time since, he’s built several multi-million dollar businesses recognized as some of the fastest 100 growing companies in Australia by Business Review Weekly. 

Tony is the best-sellng author of 5 books, has spoken to audiences as large as 13,000 and considers his greatest treasure being married for 25 years to his amazing Wife.. and father to two boys he calls, "Champions."

Through the MindShift.money financial literacy publication and online education platform, Dr Tony is driving a movement to change the way people think about and manage their money across the world.  With a knack for relating to people’s struggles, and an understanding of what it’s like to trade time for money and still not get ahead, Dr. Tony has developed two cornerstone programs and continues to build a network of certified coaches across the world.  

Through his programs and coaching, people are learning how to Cure Money Stress, get out of debt and get on the road to financial security. Participants are able to buy their precious time back and rise above their current circumstances, to a life beyond money. 

"Tony will help design and navigate your path to intergenerational wealth for your Family. He’ll wholeheartedly take your vision and align all components of your business and personal worlds to achieve it.” 
Justin Livingston
CEO and Co-Founder of Lucrative Luminary Training
Justin is an absolute expert in the art and science of ethical selling, marketing and conscious business building. In fact, he is the ‘go-to resource’ and main 'business strategist' for the most successful Transformational Leaders and Conscious Business owners on the planet.

He personally advises people like Callan Rush, Bill Baren, Christian Mickelsen, Lisa Sasevich, Eben Pagan, Jay Fiset, Ryan Eliason, Loral Langmeier... the list is long!
A gifted logician, he’s also been involved in almost every single significant online launch in the Transformational Industry over the past 2 years… totalling more than $10 Million in sales over the past 12 months alone.

A former MMA Fighter – nicknamed the Playful Genius – not only is he truly brilliant, but he has a heart of gold. He’s dedicated to fighting for the underdog, and levelling the business playing field by helping heart-based entrepreneurs create a successful, lucrative, sustainable business that actually reaches the people they’re meant to serve.
“Justin is an incredible mind with a beautiful heart. He'll take your most complex business problems and show you enlightened and elegant solutions. He’s a Master Strategist. Any time spent with him and your business transforms.” 
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