Transcend Alliance Presents:
Create a New Normal.
"How to Elevate the Transformation 
Industry… and Truly Change the World!”
Wed,  June 20th @ 4:30pm Pacific / 7:30pm Eastern

Callan Rush

Lucrative Luminary Training

Tony Pennells



CEO, Lucrative Luminary Training


Planet SARK
TRANSFORMATIONAL Business Owners who’ve been paying attention understand massive change is sweeping through our industry. The market has matured. Consumers are more sophisticated. And what used to work to get clients, expand business and create impact has become increasingly ineffective.
On this Panel Discussion, We'll Share...
  •  Why it’s Harder & More Expensive to Create Income & Impact in the Transformation Industry.
  •  How to Survive, Stay Relevant & Remain Profitable in an Increasingly Mature and Competitive Environment.
  •  The End of the Guru Model... and What That Means for You. 
  •  How to Move Beyond a Personality Dependent Business… and Create a Global Impact Company that Produces Intergenerational Wealth for Your Family. 
"It's About Time We All Got Together"