About MindShift.money

As an organization founded on helping people navigate through financial turmoil towards a life where money works for them—not the other way around—we’ve had enough. In fact, we call bullshit. And we’re creating a movement that’s going to change the way you think about money.


Tony Pennells
Dr. Tony Pennells

Best Selling Author, Co-Founder and Chairman

Dr. Tony is the best-selling author of three books on finances and has built several businesses recognized by Business Review Weekly as some of the fastest 100 growing companies in Australia.

A medical doctor, Dr. Tony became Financially Free at 27 years old. He left medicine to focus on being a father and husband to his family. In the time since, he’s built multi-million dollar businesses, has been married to an amazing wife and is the father to two boys he calls his “champions”.

Makaylah Rogers

Co-Founder, CEO and Chief Editor

A Thought Leader for her generation, Makaylah enjoys teaching people how to rewrite the “rules” we’ve been taught about money. With an extensive background in wealth building and personal development, Makaylah’s path has taken her into several executive roles and positions across various fields including launching startups, real estate sales and motivational keynote speaking.

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