The Movement

Welcome to a ‘New Normal’ – changing the way you think about money.

Financial Freedom. Sure sounds good, but what does it actually mean?

Truth is, when it comes to money, we believe generations of people around the world have been conditioned—borderline brainwashed—by limiting beliefs around money that have created epic levels of debt and stress. Causing circumstances that are only compounded by a ripple effect on health, families and economic instability.

From parents and grandparents to banks and financial advisors, money myths like “you have to struggle to make money,” “my bank has my best interests at heart,” and “having a home with a mortgage is a good investment” roll off our tongues.

And just like sheep, we believed and fell in line.

As an organization founded on helping people navigate through financial turmoil towards a life where money works for them—not the other way around—we’ve had enough. In fact, #WeCallBullshit. And we’re creating a movement that’s going to change the way people think about money.


Because we’re driven to help, we have the proven tools and systems to do it—and most of all—we believe everyone on this planet is entitled to thrive, not stress.

So we assembled a team, rolled up our sleeves and created this online platform as a no-judgement, no-bullshit, myth-shattering safe haven to guide people away from struggle towards the financial fast track they deserve.

From value-packed programs that teach people how to eliminate debt, experience peace-of-mind and build a sustainable surplus, to world-class content and access to leading money experts, is a game-changing online resource. Logo FlagsOur goal

To reach a tipping point of 20 million people with a tried, tested and true approach to money that will drive a “new normal” in communities around the world.

And that’s why we’re so happy you’re here! We invite you to immerse yourself in our compelling case studies, articles by our handpicked journalists, interviews with money specialists and much more.

We also encourage you to share these resources with friends, family and colleagues. Together, let’s spread the word, build the community and create a movement of hope.