Is Deeper Connection The Key To Entrepreneurial Success?

This article originally appeared on Changemakers Unite as Business Booms When You Find Your Tribe.

Tribe. The word is overused and cliché these days, but its real meaning is all about the power of connecting with others. An online tribe is a group of people brought together by shared, strong beliefs.

As an entrepreneur, you attract a tribe based on your values. You give the tribe your expertise and care. In return, they commit to building your shared vision.

I talk about tribes so much because they’re the key to meaningful connections, not to mention your success as an entrepreneur. If you want to design an experience product your audience craves, you must be the messenger of your message. That starts with forming your tribe.

Let’s dive into how you can provide more value to clients through a tribe.

Why tribes matter

When you have a tribe, you don’t have to struggle every day to drum up business. Create a tribe that will not only spread your mission but grow your business in the process. And don’t say that you don’t have a tribe or you’re too small. Everyone has a tribe! Here’s why they matter for your biz.

Stand out, be seen

There are billions of sites on the internet. What makes yours stand out? Your clients are craving authentic, human connections online. A tribe is an exciting way to connect with new clients while building a loyal following.

The ‘craveability’ factor

Tribes help you take your clients from “mission” to “mission accomplished.” Humans are social animals who crave connection, especially in a world of screens and electronics. Satisfy this craving with a tribe of like-minded people.

Be yourself — no, really

Every entrepreneur wants to be themselves. Tribes give you a safe space to spread your values and be you.

If you’ve faced critics or people working against your mission in real life, a tribe is for you. Tribes provide deep, unconditional support on your journey.

Find your true voice and a tribe will follow. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Your essence is what makes you different from every other entrepreneur on the internet.

Crafting the perfect tribe experience

Behind every great business is a great tribe. You want to give your tribe members the perfect experience. But what does that actually look like? Here are a few ways to get started.

Celebrate wins

Every win matters. Start by celebrating the small wins, and get them excited to commemorate the big ones. You’ll create a reward feedback loop that get them addicted to achieving their goals.

Remember to connect each win to a big picture step in your process. This helps your tribe understand what they’re doing, how they’re doing it and that what they want to achieve is possible.

Normalize challenges

So many entrepreneurs overlook acknowledging the challenges. Making things look easy is tempting. But nothing is easy, and pretending otherwise is a disservice to your tribe.

So normalize challenges in your tribe. Address obstacles so they don’t feel stuck or frustrated. You don’t want to scare them, but they do need a dose of reality to see that their journey won’t be all sunshine and lollipops.

People give up on their dreams every day. By normalizing challenges, you the build grit and motivation your tribe needs to push through the obstacles.

Create feedback loops

Feedback loops help you make improvements to the tribe and your product over time. Essentially, a feedback loop uses tribe outputs to positively affect your input.

If you teach a new skill to your tribe, ask them what they did as a direct result of that lesson. Use this feedback to know what your tribe is looking for and how you can improve your product.

The best entrepreneurs know they can’t work in a vacuum. Use the power of the tribe to improve their experience.

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