Here’s Why You Need To Up Your Content Game

Starting a business is easier than ever. With social media and Google, word-of-mouth marketing flies faster than it did just a few years ago. The problem is that to take advantage of all this great technology, you need great content to share. That means blog posts, regularly updated website pages and social media posts. Don’t believe us? In a recent survey, thought leader and online marketing guru Justin Livingston recently released, almost one out of every two business owners said they struggled with content and wanted help.

Why Do I Need Content?

Neil Patel, guru marketer and serial entrepreneur, knows his stuff. He’s generated millions in sales from inbound marketing (essentially blog articles), and he believes content is all important. Out of companies that blog, Neil says, “those that published 401+ total blog posts generated almost 3X as many leads as B2B companies that published 0 – 200 total posts. . . . B2C companies that published 401+ posts generated 4.5X as many leads as B2C companies that published 0 – 100 total posts.”

Hubspot, a marketing platform, does regular research on just how well content is working for its users. Their data shows almost 90% of people turn to Google to to find information. You’re not surprised, right? But why does this matter?

Google Matters

It matters because Google has the power to showcase your business–or hide you under pages and pages of your competitors. Algorithms search your website to find content relevant to a consumer’s search. Match up, and you get a top listing. If not, you end up in any spot under the top three or four. If that happens, you might as well be on page 10 of the search results.

For example, if you sell yoga video classes via your website, and a potential customer searches for “best yoga video,” Google crawls your site to see if you’re a good fit. Your content is analyzed for freshness, how much content you have and how reputable you are. Then you’re compared to your competitors. If you fall short, another yoga teacher will appear ahead of you and will be more likely to get the sale.

Every piece of content you publish is a way for you to attract another customer. You’re giving Google another chance to find you – in fact, companies that blog regularly have a much better chance of seeing an ROI from their efforts.

How Much Content Is Enough?

Neil Patel has an answer: it depends. If you’re an established business, and already have plenty of content published, publishing less might be fine. If you’ve got nothing, though, you need to start cranking out the content. And you need to do it now. Every day you’re not publishing is a day you’re missing valuable leads.

The Rule Of 7

In marketing, we have what’s called “The Rule of 7.” For every sale, you have to touch that lead at least seven times. Of course, this rule doesn’t always hold. But for the most part, plan on needing at least seven contacts with a person before they hand over their business.

Your blog is one great way to get those seven touches. According to Hubspot, over half of consumers say that content is a good way to get them to buy from you. To get those touches, you’re going to need a pile of content, however, and you’ve got to be sharing it all over cyberspace – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, [insert your favorite social media channel here].

Come Up With A Plan

Sounds good right? Write a blog post, get awesome new leads. But before you start cranking out blog post after blog post, take a few minutes to strategize.

Plenty of entrepreneurs just like you have high aspirations. You think you can publish a post a day–or once a week, or once a month–no problem! After, all you’re an expert in your field, and this is your passion. You have a lot to say! But the reality is that writing an article, crafting a personal brand around your business and creating a compelling message takes work. What should you write about? How do you structure the article? What about proper positioning? And don’t forget figuring out how to communicate your message effectively. What about your own personal story? So many people find it really hard to write about themselves.

So before you set your sights too high, look at your calendar and ask yourself, “do I have several hours a day just to write?” If not, find look for a way to get that content. This may mean building as you go along, but as you publish consistently, you’ll see the ROI in your conversions and leads.

What’s your content strategy? Do you have an ideal number of posts you’d like to publish a month? And how do you plan to do it?

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