How Rich German Achieved True Financial Freedom

Confucius once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” and this is the same concept Rich German lives every single day. It’s a mindset that’s served him well. Today he runs his own company, hangs out with whales and dolphins every day, and calls a stretch of beach his office. He’s able to, because he realized some time ago that in order to achieve true freedom, it wasn’t about money. It’s about lifestyle.

The Journey To Freedom

Back in the 1990s, Rich set a goal to retire at age 40. His plan was going well, and he was actually on track to achieve his goal. But then the early 2000s came, and Rich got trapped in the tech bubble. When that bubble burst, and the stock market collapsed, Rich lost half of what he worked so hard saving and accruing. A few years after that, he got a divorce he jokes took the other half of his money. He knew he had to do something, and he knew he didn’t want to be a slave to the desk–or to money.

This was the moment when Rich created JV Insider Circle (JVIC). JVIC is a group of professional coaches, authors and speakers that collaborate and support each other. The group has served Rich well. He’s met interesting people with the same goals and mindset as his. But most importantly, JVIC helped him achieve Financial Freedom.

Before creating JVIC, Rich knew he didn’t want to be a slave to the desk. He knew he didn’t want to spend most of his life at work trying to squeeze in play time whenever the clock allowed. Rich realized he wanted to have the option to take off Mondays and Fridays when he wanted to (which is most weeks). He knew he likes to paddleboard in the early mornings, so he didn’t want to take calls or meetings before 10:00am.

He knew all these things, so he built a business around them. He didn’t make his Freedom fit his business. He made a business that allows him his Freedom.

He made a conscious decision most business owners don’t make.

Makaylah Rogers is the co-founder of She is a Thought Leader for her generation, teaching people how to rewrite their “money rules.” With an extensive background in wealth building and personal development, Makaylah’s path has taken her into executive roles in various fields including launching startups, real estate sales and motivational keynote speaking.

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