How To Grow Your Business Without Losing Your Mind

A successful business needs to grow and expand. But growth can cause stress and overwhelm. So how do you grow your business without losing your mind?

A System For Success

If you research top business owners, one of the things they credit for continued success is establishing strong systems from the beginning. But why do you need systems when your business is just starting out?

The truth is, having a system for your business breaks down your processes into checkpoints and anticipated outcomes for each task. A comprehensive system is much more than a simple checklist or training document. Your establishing methods and efficiencies that will grow your business. So as your team and offerings expand, you won’t need to start from the beginning each time. You’ll react to growth by changing and updating the systems already in place.

How will you respond to emails? How will you handle customer complaints and inquiries? Are there parts of your business you can automate or outsource? These are the questions your system can answer in real time–without team members coming to you every time they have a question.

For example, if you sell physical products, you should consider automating your ordering processes from your vendors so you don’t have to set aside precious time each month for manual entry. If you sell services, consider using an app like Acuity that allows your clients to put themselves on your schedule, cutting out the need for a scheduling assistant. Any tasks that can’t be automated should be grouped into batches. Need to schedule an email campaign? Set aside a specific block of time to get that together and the use an automated email server to deliver those emails to your contact list on a specified date.

Develop a system now to figure out how you’ll handle the daily tasks that come with running a small business. When you have a solid system in place, you’ll have the time and energy to focus on your business rather than the day-to-day.

Offer The Right Products At The Right Time

Beyond handling daily tasks, your systems will help you to know when it’s time to rollout the new products and services.  In Module 6 of Cash Flow Cure, we talk about the importance of planning your rollout of new products and help you set up a timeline in your business. We didn’t include that planning step by accident.

In setting up your system, what checkpoints or sales goals do you need to set up to know when to roll out your new products? You shouldn’t plan to offer everything to your customers at once. So how will you know when the time is right to transition from your entry-level offerings to your high-end service packages? Make sure you build those milestones into your system.

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