Why Knowing Your Baseline Lifestyle Number Changes Everything

Freedom is a number.

It’s a number you design for yourself and a number you own. But before you can create your Freedom Number with confidence, let’s wrap our heads around another number: your Baseline Lifestyle Number.

What is the Baseline Lifestyle Number? Why is it one of the very first steps we take? And how will knowing your Baseline Lifestyle Number empower you on your journey to Financial Freedom?

You Are Not Your Business

You already have an advantage over most people. Unlike many working people, you’re a business owner. And that gives you far more control over your own financial destiny than the majority of your neighbors. With a well-structured business of your own making, you can ramp up your Freedom journey and accelerate past employees whose finances are largely out of their control.

But you’ve got an added temptation too. And that’s contamination. If that sounds dangerous, it’s because it is. Too often, business owners muddy what should be a clear and distinct line between their personal financial needs and those of their business. Reaching into your business accounts when your personal finances need a boost? Dipping into your own wallet to cover business expenses? Not paying yourself a consistent, livable salary?

You are not your business. And your business isn’t more important than you are. In fact, your business’ fundamental role is acting as a tool to cover your personal needs and help build your Freedom Generator.

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