Announcing A Very Special Collaboration

What happens when two Canadians, an Australian and an American come to the same realization about what the world needs?

An extraordinary collaboration to create something entirely new with the potential to change the world, that’s what!

Announcing Transcend Alliance

On Monday, February 5, 2018, Dr. Tony and co-creators Callan Rush, SARK and Justin Livingston will open the doors to the Transcend Alliance designed for socially-conscious entrepreneurs.

Each of the four co-creators is successful in their own right. And, recognizing now is a time of need and change, they’ve joined forces to form a true collaboration—believed to be a first in the transformational leadership space.

Dr. Tony Pennells

transcend mastermindDr. Tony says, “The world is calling for change. We can no longer sit idly by playing a small game and waiting for others to step up… it’s time for us to lead! My focus for this chapter of my life is on powerful collaborations that improve the human experience.”

He continues, “Standing alongside Justin, Callan and SARK in support of the awe-inspiring people in this extraordinary community is both an incredible honor and a direct reflection of this powerful collaborative energy. And we’re inviting others to join us.”

Callan Rush

transcend mastermindCanadian Callan Rush is a best-selling author and co-founder of Lucrative Luminary Training. She is known and loved around the world as the go-to resource for curriculum design, as well as a leading workshop and seminar authority.

“It’s such a huge honor to be here. It’s been beautiful to be in the workshop space the last decade. I’ve made a big impact, but I have a bigger game to play now,” Callan says. “When Tony brought me this idea of Transcend and what I could bring and offer and share to support everyone, my immediate response was YES! In so many ways.”


Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy (SARK)

transcend mastermindSan Francisco resident and Transcend Co-Creator SARK says, “I’m so excited by the power of this group. All these businesses, all of these missions thrill me! I will be so glad to support each and all of them in the ways that I know work, that I’ve been honing over the last thirty years of teaching and mentoring. It’s a great honor.”

SARK’s seventeen books have sold more than three million copies, and her work has been acclaimed by the likes of Louise Hay and Dr. Wayne Dyer. She is considered by many to be a “Beacon of Hope in a Chaotic World.”

Justin Livingston

transcend mastermind


Justin Livingston, CEO and co-founder of Lucrative Luminary Training, is the fourth co-creator of Transcend. He’s an absolute expert in the art and science of ethical selling, marketing and conscious business building. He’s the “go-to resource” for some of the most successful transformational leaders and socially-conscious business owners on the planet. Justin has been involved in every significant online launch in the transformational industry throughout the last several years.

The Transcend Alliance community is already comprised of business owners in the fields of youth nutrition, women’s empowerment, elite corporate coaching, health, mindset and well being, digital solutions and more. Combined with the skills and experience of the unique creation team, this is one extraordinary group with the potential to have one heck of an impact.

This powerhouse team of gifted transformational leaders is set to help Transcend Alliance members each achieve two key steps: 1) intergenerational wealth and 2) the creation of a high-impact Legacy Business that thrives without their day-to-day involvement.

The side effect of those two things is Freedom—which is what this mastermind is ultimately about. The aim is to assist a hand-selected group of socially-conscious business owners to achieve the Freedom they need to make their biggest impact on the world.

Continuing Their Own Journey

And the creators are still on their own journeys. “Over the past couple of years, my ‘business mind’ has shifted completely toward legacy,“ says Justin. “To me, this means answering ‘what will remain when I stop working?’ I have a massive vision for what this looks like. I’m super excited to have this group help me get there while guiding each member to see their own vision manifest!”

“Imagine each of these amazing people’s visions coming fully to life. I’m telling you, the world will be a different and better place. That’s what immensely excites me,” Tony says. “I truly believe this is the beginning of a watershed moment that will have a profoundly positive impact on the world…. It’s About Time!

“Over the next few days, we’re inviting applications from social entrepreneurs, luminaries and change-makers who want to make a real difference in the world. If this is you, I encourage you to apply!” says Dr. Tony.

Applications for the Transcend Alliance open Monday, February 5, 2018. Click here to start your journey to a better business.

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