Freedom Generator 101: An Overview of the 5 Buckets

Your Freedom Generator. It’s the powerful machine that gives you a life free from financial fear. So what is it? How does it work? And why is it important?

Today we kick off a six-part intensive series on the Freedom Generator. We’ll cover the operation of each of the five components and how they work in tandem to get you to Financial Freedom and sustain you once you achieve it.

What Is A Freedom Generator?

Simply put, a Freedom Generator is an investment machine that you construct in order to pay you a consistent, livable income. Fully built, your Freedom Generator frees you from the need to exchange your time for money, your salary. It puts your money—not you—to work in generating the cash flow that you need.

Building your Freedom Generator is all about winning the Game of Money. You send your money out to work for you until it produces enough cash flow to sustain your lifestyle. Then you’ve reached Financial Freedom!

What Does The Freedom Generator Look Like?

Ready to see the five buckets that make up the Freedom Generator? Here’s an illustration of the whole system:

freedom generator


This diagram highlights each of the five money buckets–Cash Bucket, Income Generator, Growth Engine, Lifestyle Bucket and Charity Bucket.

The green arrows represent the directions in which cash flows. And the blue vertical line separates the two main parts of your Freedom Generator:

  • On the left are the elements that will collect, store, grow and dispense your money.
  • On the right are the elements that support your physical assets and philanthropic efforts.

Now let’s get into a quick overview of each component. Remember, we’ll cover each bucket in depth as we go through this series!

Dr. Tony is the co-founder of and the best-selling author of three books on personal and business finances. Having achieved Financial Freedom at 27, Dr. Tony believes that through Financially Fit Bootcamp and Cash Flow Cure everyone can get there. He has made it his life’s mission to help others live a life where their money works for them—not the other way around.

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