3 Massive Money Mistakes That Keep Even Smart People Stuck

Over the last 19 years, I’ve had the privilege of talking to thousands of men and women about their lives and businesses. And the vast majority want to improve their lives and make more money for one main reason…

To have FREEDOM.

At SuccessClinic.com we teach people about the 3 main types of freedom. First, there’s financial freedom – where you have more than enough money to meet your desired lifestyle.

Second, time freedom – where you have more time to do the things you really want to do.

And location freedom – to live and work where, when, and with whom you want.

Now those are the 3 types of freedom that most people want.

So what are the 3 massive money mistakes that keep people from having the freedom they desire?

Money Mistake #1: Not Taking Out Your Head Trash about Money.

Your head trash is your negative self-talk that tells you, “I can’t do it because…”

The funny thing about “I can’t do it because…” is that you always make yourself right.

For example, if you tell yourself, “I can’t do it because I can’t afford it” – then you’ll keep not having the money to do the things you want to do.

If you tell yourself, “I can’t do it because I’m too old” – then you’ll keep finding reasons why you’re too old to be, do or have the things you want.

As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

Bottom line: If you don’t get rid of your head trash, you’ll stay stuck in your limitations forever.

How to Avoid This Money Mistake:

To get rid of your head trash around money, write down 3 negative beliefs you have about money. Then write how those beliefs are affecting your ability to attract more money. For examples of how some of our clients used this method, see http://NoahStJohn.com/praise

Money Mistake #2: Not Having a Money Mentor.

A mentor is someone who’s been where you want to go and can show you the steps of how to get there.

Why is having a mentor so important? Achieving success is like climbing a mountain. There are ups and downs, peaks and valleys. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll face some very expensive lessons (mistakes of time, money and effort).

Having a mentor is like having a sherpa to guide you – someone who’s climbed the mountain already, and can show you the shortcuts to take and the pitfalls to avoid.

How to Avoid This Money Mistake:

Write down 3 things you want to accomplish in the next 12 months. Then find people who can help you get there faster in each area.

Money Mistake #3: Not Giving Yourself Permission to Succeed®.

Giving yourself permission to succeed means you stop stopping yourself from reaching your personal, financial and spiritual goals.

Why is this so important? Many people are unknowingly starving themselves of the success they’re capable of.

That means they are driving down the road of life with one foot on the brake. That leads to a lack of success, lack of self-confidence, and definitely a lack of money.

How to Avoid This Money Mistake:

Write down the areas of your life where you are holding yourself back from success. Then determine why you haven’t given yourself permission to succeed in those areas.

You can also get my new book on the 5 steps to get rid of your head trash for FREE at www.NoahStJohn.com

Give it a try – and see how your life changes as a result.

This is a sponsored post by Noah St. John. The views expressed in this article are their own. To learn more about Noah, visit our Specialist Panel.

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