Not Finding Success? Maybe It’s Time To Clear Your Blocks

After talking a bit about money blocks here and here, I’ve noticed an interest in the process of how I help remove those blocks. For those just joining, I’m a life coach dedicated to helping people recognize the blocks we all carry around with us.

The three main blocks are family, clutter and money. Once they’re removed, you’re open to achieving any success you’ve been dreaming of.  Today I’m going to tell you a bit about what my actual sessions are like with clients and how long it takes to remove a block. I’ll even touch on how to remove them.

What Are Your Goals?

Of course, you can’t embark on any journey without knowing where you’re headed. The first thing I ask clients is what their goal is. Sometimes they know. Often they don’t, they just know they want some direction in their life. When clients are unsure of specific goals, we work to identify those and then figure out how to get there.

Putting a name to your goal is an important step. Why? Because what’s preventing you from achieving that goal is always one of the three blocks I mentioned earlier: family, clutter or money.

Do You Know Your Own Blocks?


Identifying goals does start to reveal the blocks you’re carrying around. But while establishing goals can bring a general block into the light, the specific block isn’t always obvious. Often, that’s because there are quite a few.

For instance, if you tells me you’ve wanted to buy a house for the past five years but haven’t, that’s a big clue. That kind of unachieved goal points towards a money block. Now we know the general type of the block, but we still need to identify the specific money block you’re experiencing.

There can be many sources for a money block. Perhaps you don’t think you can afford the home. Maybe you’re scared to give up your rental because of the commitment involved. Whatever the source, the next step is to remove the block (or blocks!).

Can You Clear Your Blocks?

Once we know what your blocks are, we work to clear–or remove–them. This is a much quicker process than most people think. The process can take as little as a single one-hour session.

Again, most people don’t even realize they have blocks. They just know they’re not achieving the success they want in life. Simply identifying the blocks shines a light on what has been hidden for many years. But once you realize the block is there, removing it isn’t difficult.

I find the process gets even easier for clients once they realize the thoughts, or the blocks, aren’t even theirs to begin with. We’ve absorb many different types of blocks–especially money blocks–from our parents. When you realize the thoughts aren’t even really yours, discarding them is that much easier.

Join us next time, when I’ll go into more depth about the process of removing blocks so you can truly live a life of Freedom.

If you’d like to know more before then, email me at or call me at (5255) 7592 5874. I’d love to chat with you!

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