Are Money Blocks Standing In The Way Of Your Financial Freedom?

My name is Adriana, and I’m a joint venture partner with I was first drawn to working with this committed team because of their passion for helping people live the Freedom Lifestyle—a lifestyle that puts Money Stress behind you and Financial Freedom in front of you. I believe when working with the core principles stands for, anyone can achieve that kind of Financial Freedom.

But there’s often just one thing preventing people from achieving that Financial Freedom: money blocks.

What Are Money Blocks?

Money blocks are thoughts or ideas we all have—usually since we were children. They block our ability to feel confident and in control of our money-making decisions. And they add to the Money Stress we already carry. Everyone has these blocks, and it’s my passion in life to help people remove them.

Throughout the years, I’ve struggled with my own money blocks, particularly when opening a modeling agency with my husband nine years ago. After being told by many that we would never be successful, we proved them wrong. We still run that business today, and we’re the agency behind many television commercials and print ads.

Everyone Has Them!

Continuing to learn about money matters and financial wellness, I soon saw similarities in the money problems shared by everyone. Those similarities were the ideas that people had about their money. Consider these statements we’ve all heard, or said, at some point.

  • “I just can’t afford it”
  • “I’ll never be able to retire”
  • “I’m never going to make enough money”

These are just a few examples of money blocks, and they all have one thing in common. They sap your energy and your focus and stand in the way of your Financial Freedom. So how do you remove those money blocks?

Breaking Down The Barriers


As a life coach and money expert, I help clients identify and remove the money blocks that keep them from achieving success. This clears the way for Financial Freedom and helps my clients find success.

I’ve been doing this for three years based out of Mexico, and this year is the first I’ll be moving the business into the English marketplace. Around here we call that success!

One of my first clients, Janet, is also walking proof that my methods work. Janet had many of the same money blocks everyone shares. After just two sessions focused on clearing money blocks, she was able to remove them. This led to Janet making more money in her current position. Better yet, after a short time, she earned a promotion and even more money.

Removing Money Blocks Equals Success

Today, Janet owns her own business and is living a life of Financial Freedom she once only dreamed of. Janet continues to thank me today, and she says our sessions are the secret to her success. Like most people, Janet didn’t even realize she had the blocks. Once she did, she could focus on removing them.

This is one of the biggest problems with money blocks. Most of us don’t even realize they’re there. We carry them with us every day as we wonder why we’re not realizing the financial success we’re working so hard for.

Looking To The Future

But that can stop today. Over the next few months, I’ll teach you how to identify your own money blocks and more importantly, how to remove them. It’s a simple process that follows the main concept of my business, that roughly translated from Spanish is, “Clear, transmit and destroy across all time, dimension and reality.

Of course, each block is as unique as the person that carries it, so setting up a time for us to speak one-on-one is the best way to completely remove them. I can be reached via email at or by phone at (5255) 7592-5874. Don’t wait another minute! Start removing your own money blocks today!

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