Education Is The Key To Ending Suffering — And That Power Is In Your Hands

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Human Beings everywhere are more and more desperate to find their footing in a topsy-turvy world. Change, challenge, adversity and upset is rampant. News of  hunger, war and financial collapse abounds. People are scared and suffering.

Even those who seem to be at the top of their game, suffer. Secretly, they battle loneliness, disillusionment, depression and disconnection. The recent suicides of celebrities who seemed to have it all  show us that suffering is hitting humans at all levels. This has to change… and you hold the key.

Education is the key to ending all suffering.

I used to be a public and private school teacher. I began my career because I wanted to change the world. Unfortunately, my Pollyanna perspective was quickly dashed. Public schools were filled with rules, regulations and limits. Teachers were overworked and under resourced.  The day I decided to quit, I was teaching a grade 7 math class to 40+ students. I could not get my hips through the packed rows of desks to reach a young man with a question. That was it.  I was out.

Searching for my next steps, I happened across a public personal development workshop led by a maverick motivator named T. Harv Eker. That first educational event was so transformative for me… I knew I’d found my new path. Shortly thereafter, I began Lucrative Luminary Training.

My aim was to support other changemakers to get their message out to those that needed to hear it. Over the past decade, I’m grateful to have guided thousands of coaches, counselors, healers, authors, holistic practitioners, workshop, retreat and seminar leaders around the world on how to ethically exact change. I’ve created and shared systems for how to earn a great living while making a massive positive impact in the lives of others through education.

In the avenue of public adult education, there are no rules or limits. Whatever you dream, you can do. I’ve also found that educating adults is more than just teaching a skill or inspiring them to do or be more. It’s about helping people connect to one another. Connection may be even more important than what is taught!

Educate to Connect Your Tribe!

Here’s what you need to know.  People everywhere are looking for places to gather. They want hope and inspiration… and in some cases, they’re dying for it!  Live workshops not only help people develop at the personal and professional level… but they help foster community. And community is what will save us.

How many people think they’re alone in their suffering? How many of them could you help?

This is a fragmented world. More and more people stay in their homes and feel disconnected. They want to find their tribe — the place where they feel connected, loved and understood. They crave connection – but don’t know how to create it.

This adds up to a huge opportunity for YOU, as a Luminary, a person who is conscious, caring and competent in your field. Think of it. An movement of like-minded people working together being led, inspired and educated by you. I can’t think of a better way to heal hearts and homes.

Change often happens when people feel so low they finally reach out to find an answer… and I was no exception. As a teacher, I felt powerless to change the system and the world. Consequently, I felt lost in my life. I wanted a shift … but was unsure how to get it.  Many people have the same experience. They’re searching for a shift in thinking. They desire something new to move their mind out of old ways of thinking – and into a better place. And as a workshop leader, an educator – you can give them this shift.

My life was significantly altered by a live workshop leader, an educator. His personal brand of encouragement and healing changed the course of my life. I would not be the person I am today without his courage to design and deliver his educational events.

Change isn’t coming from the top down. Those that think it is are delusional. Big change is coming from the ground up… from the teachers and leaders in the streets. Teachers like YOU. You have a power within you to help others. You have the exact education and experience  perfectly matched to a very specific tribe of people.  Who is your tribe?  What could a workshop by YOU look like?

The old school paradigm that requires people to learn by sitting in a classroom for weeks and years in order to earn a degree… is over. That type of education is mass production and not conducive to big world change.

Your workshop or live event can be different, more powerful. If you’re inspired to find out more?  I’m inspired to help. Get your message out to the masses. Share what you know… and change the world.

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