Why Finding Your Own Freedom Is So Important

Ever go to a zoo? Notice how the animals are kept in enclosures? As human beings, we have free will to live outside of man-made cages. But many of us create our own version of captivity by consistently making poor financial decisions. These choices keep you from Financial Freedom.

There are two main reasons this happens, and one actually causes the other. First, you’re probably buying into the myth that you have to exchange your time for money. You might even see Freedom as a commodity that can be bought and sold.

Unfortunately, this mentality is the norm. That’s why, if you’re not Financially Free, you’re likely spending the better part of your day, while in the prime of your life, doing tasks you wouldn’t otherwise do. You’re incentivized by cash, and you’re stuck in the rat race — making just enough to cover living expenses.

Giving away your Freedom

When you exchange time for money, living beyond your means is tempting. And you instinctively recognize that you spend far too much time in captivity. So during the little free time you do have, you’re motivated to “treat yourself.”

This isn’t a bad thing — if you can afford it. The problem is, most people can’t, and they buy more than they can afford to compensate for their lack of Freedom. So the big houses and fancy cars make you feel like life is worthwhile, even though you’re drowning in debt.

Debt prison

But the debt only increases your need to work, because now you have to cover living expenses and loan payments. When you’re on the road to Financial Freedom, your reliance on income from work will decrease as you grow your Freedom Generator.  

So take steps to reduce your need for income from a 9 to 5 job. Stop racking up debt, and pay down what debt you do have. Put your excess money to work and start building your Freedom Generator.

Don’t live in cubicle captivity. Unlock your cage with Financial Freedom. You have the choice.

image credit: Bigstock/Subbotina Anna

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