How To Move From Wanting To Doing

When you’re experiencing Chronic Money Stress, your situation feels hopeless. You want to change, but you’re not sure what you can do that will make a difference. When you’re not practicing the Four Money Principles, you work hard, but you feel like what you do is never enough. So you hope for that big lotto win so you magically become a millionaire with all your problems solved. But winning the lottery isn’t likely, just as a high-paying job doesn’t automatically result in Financial Security.

Taking The First Step

Committing to your Financial Fitness begins with a conscious decision. Acknowledge the bad financial habits that have been holding you back, and recognize that you’ll need to become financially literate and develop new habits so you can move forward. The role of Financially Fit Bootcamp is to mentor, coach and guide you along the path to Financial Freedom. But I can’t make you take the first step. And I can’t do it for you. No one but you can make you move from wanting to doing.

You may think that taking the first step to Financial Fitness will be complicated and confusing. The 4% of people who achieve Financial Freedom must be either financial geniuses or save so much they never get to enjoy life. With this thought, taking no action and continuing to deal with your Money Stress almost seems easier than dealing with the mistakes in your financial past. But that choice will never result in the Freedom you really want!

Move From Wanting To Doing

When you are Financially Fit, and on the road to Financial Freedom, you have choices and peace of mind. You know you’re protected should an emergency occur, and also that your future is secure. And you have the tools to pass your financial knowledge on to your children—so they make good financial choices as well. That means you CAN enjoy life now! What an incredible gift to give yourself and your family!

Your Financial Fitness allows you to relax and appreciate your life as you live it. I believe you’re capable of achieving a life that’s Financially Free. Now you need to believe in yourself and move from wanting to doing.

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