It’s Time To Stop Wallowing In Your Regrets

One of my favorite things my good friend Georgia Spencer says all the time is “I have no regrets!” We’ve been having fun with it, but I really love this idea. So I asked her to share with you guys her approach to regrets and the role they should play in our lives. (Hint: They shouldn’t have power over who you are now!)

No Regrets!

Georgia believes that even though you’ve probably done a few (or a lot!) of things that have gone wrong—or that you could have done better—being filled with regret is a waste of time. Doing something we wish we hadn’t is an opportunity to learn about ourselves and who we want to be. And then change our actions in the future. And making a mistake is an opportunity to learn the most. Sometimes we can’t learn from the mistakes of others. We have to make the mistakes ourselves and figure out what works for us.

All of us go through life trying to be the best version of ourselves. But if you’re still carrying regrets from past decisions, you’ll be hindered in the decisions you make now. Learn from your experiences, and figure out how to improve on what you’re doing as you move forward!

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