Real Life Begins NOW: How to Revamp Your Finances in 3 Days

“Any minute now, my ship is coming in … I’ll keep checking the horizon. Don’t you understand? I already have a plan/I’m waiting for my real life to begin.” 

Colin Hay, Waiting for my Real Life To Begin

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the Colin Hay tune, “Waiting For my Real Life to Begin.” The song was featured in a particularly poignant episode of the tv show Scrubs, and has always stuck with me.

Mr. Hay sings about slaying dragons and kicking butt in his dreams while his everyday reality is ho-hum. As he goes on and on about his mundane existence, he lets us know that his real life—a much grander, more interesting existence—is just on the horizon.

The life lesson we’re meant to learn from what he shares is universal. We all dream big about the lives we want and plan to live—starting businesses, traveling around the world, experiencing abundance and freedom… But the 96% never get to live that dream life.

The truth is only 4% of people are Financially Free and living their best lives. The 96% toil away, exchanging their precious time for money, keeping their eye on a horizon for a ship that’s never coming in.

But no matter how elusive your big dreams seem, with the right dedication, you can achieve them. Just look at Kris and Kylie, one of our very first Community Success Stories. They were mired in thousands of dollars in debt before they finally hit rock bottom. They decided they needed a massive change, and they took action on that decision. After enrolling in Mindshift Money’s Financially Fit Bootcamp, they had trouble finding the time to go through the program. Their solution? They spent their next long weekend educating themselves about money and fixing their finances.

Today, they’re proud owners of a startup business, free from debt and living a much more prosperous ‘real’ life.

Kris and Kylie’s experience proves there’s no time like the present to get started. So mark your calendar now for the next three-day weekend (like the upcoming Veteran’s Day weekend this Friday!), and get ready to kickstart your best real life.

Revamp Your Finances Over A 3-Day-Weekend

By dedicating just one long weekend to Financially Fit Bootcamp, you’ll have the time you need to learn how to manage your money and apply the lessons to your own situation.

To get started, take a few minutes to go online and enroll in the program. Then, set aside several hours to watch and listen to the educational modules narrated by founder Dr. Tony. You’ll have access to the tools and guidance you need to revamp your finances, set up automatic transfers from your main bank account to sub accounts and start on the path to Financial Freedom.

Through the educational modules you’ll learn:

  • how to establish the foundation you need to become Financially Free, and build your Cash Surplus;
  • how to implement the management structure so you can achieve any financial goal; and
  • how to eliminate money stress from your life permanently.

What Your ‘Real Life’ Will Look Like 

When your accounts are set up correctly, your income flows smoothly to where you need. And your anxiety will lessen, because you’re working toward a tangible goal. You’ll go back to work after the long weekend knowing you don’t have to keep checking the horizon. Your Financial Freedom ship is coming in.

While achieving complete Financial Freedom won’t happen overnight, by having the right financial systems in place and tools at your disposal, you can start building your Freedom Generator. And because you’ll have less Money Stress, you’ll have more time to actually enjoy your “real life” rather than waiting for it to begin.

Are you living the dream, or still waiting for your real life to begin? Share with us in the comments below!

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