Why You Need To Stop Hiding And Start Living

Why is it women are so often reluctant to charge for their services, especially when it comes to the healing and intuitive arts?

It’s an interesting question, and one that Baeth Davis, owner of The Hand Analyst, Inc. found at YourPurpose.com, has been helping women answer for more than 19 years. As a successful business owner and healer, Baeth understands the unique struggles women with these talents face. Her passion is helping creative and intuitive women get unstuck in their business and get paid for using their natural gifts. In her work with clients over the years, she’s uncovered some common themes.

Women often make the mistake of hiding what they are passionate about, what they have been naturally gifted to do, by settling for careers that bore them. It’s a safe option, and one others often see as a sensible choice. But the monotony soon irritates them. They’re left unfulfilled in their work, and they don’t know how to change or where to start.

As Baeth explains “Women often hide behind a mask. But there’s a huge cost for wearing a mask and not listening to your inner voice.”

The three main types of masks women put on are:

Mask 1: The “I’m Fine” Syndrome

Women wearing this mask show the world that they have everything together. They’re indispensable at work, always the go-to person in their business and have an intense desire to be liked by everyone. On the inside, they are hiding their resentment and sadness about feeling unfulfilled in their career.

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