What Has More Value Than Money?

Money feels like the most valuable thing in the world. That’s probably what you’ve been told your whole life, because that idea seems to make sense. You always need money to support yourself and your family. And how many movies have you seen where the only goal is to steal a bunch of money?

Of course, money has value. Just not in the way we’ve been taught. When you hear people talk about what they would do with “enough” money, listen to what they’re really saying. Most of the time they’re not actually interested in money at all. Sure, some are focused on gathering as much money as possible just to increase their net worth, but what people really want is the Freedom to choose what they do with their day, their week, their month and even their year. Oh, yeah. And their life. That means the real value of their money is from sending it out to work for them.

Where Does The Time Go?

Most of us wish we had more time for ourselves, for our families and for what’s important to us. We spend much of our day at work focused on other people’s priorities at the expense of our own. Of course, work can be fun and rewarding at times, but wouldn’t you rather choose to do work only if you wanted to? What if you didn’t have to exchange your time for money?

“Time Is Money, Friend”

How many times have you heard the saying, “time is money?” Probably a lot. Because it’s true! You can spend time, donate time… you even earn time off if that’s how your employer sets up their vacation time program. Because when you go to work what you’re actually selling is your time. Even the MindShift.money motto, “It’s about time” has a dual meaning. Yes, this new perspective has been a long time coming, but also everything you learn in Financially Fit Bootcamp boils down to time.

So what if you could generate Cash Flow without sacrificing your time? What if you could have your time and the Freedom of choice to pursue your passions? When your money works for you, you’re not forced to spend your time working!

Financial Freedom Is Time

Reaching Financial Freedom means you’ve followed the Four Money Principles and, rather than depending on a paycheck, the monthly Cash Flow supporting your lifestyle comes from the return on your investments. When you achieve Financial Freedom, there’s nothing stopping you from taking advantage of the possibilities and choices in your life. You choose whether to work, travel or play!

Each of us only has so much time to follow our dreams and enjoy life with friends and family. Would you rather spend that time Financially Free or selling your time? Time is money, friend!


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