When True Financial Freedom Is About More Than Money

Andrew Rezmer is a perfect example of how starting your journey to Financial Freedom early can lead to phenomenal success. He built his Financial Freedom twice, starting from nothing each time. No matter what age you are, his story will inspire you to continue working toward Financial Freedom—or to take your first step!

Andrew’s Accidental Financial Freedom

Growing up in Poland during the Cold War, Andrew and his mother were living on the average salary at the time, about $5 a month. He helped support their small family and work toward his dreams by selling what he could find to other children, restaurants—anything he could do to earn a little extra.

He first reached Financial Freedom when he returned from a nine-month stint in England. During his time there, he had opened a few businesses and set aside about a thousand pounds. He was shocked to discover the money he earned there was enough to give him Financial Freedom in Poland. So while he accidentally reached Financial Freedom the first time, he now understood the concept and knew that’s how he wanted to live the rest of his life.

Freedom Numbers are Different Everywhere

While Financial Freedom is always the same, what you need to get there is very much dependent on where you live. Andrew discovered this when he moved from Poland to England, England to Poland and then on to Canada. The money he made in England was enough to give him Financial Freedom in Poland, but that same amount couldn’t support him for even a few months in Canada. He’d lost his Financial Freedom, but Andrew didn’t give up. He adjusted his lifestyle, created new businesses and within a few short years, he was once again Financially Free.

Through this experience, Andrew realized how much more there is to Financial Freedom than money. And how many people in the world are struggling. His insights fueled both his desire to help others and his drive for success. To Andrew, money is not just a symbol of financial success, but a tool he uses to help more people and achieve great things.

Help Yourself by Helping Others

Today Andrew recognizes that Financial Freedom means more than just having enough money in the bank to cover his expenses. It also means following your passion and helping others in the process. These days, he doesn’t want to just to make more money. The goal for his work now is to build a better world by providing affordable options for the basic fundamental needs of life.

His desire to help others has led him to build businesses that focus on housing, food, safety, inspiration and education. When Andrew tells us about the kind of world he wants to live in, he describes a place where everyone has the chance to make the best they can out of life. He uses words like passion, happiness, kindness, compassion, giving, serving, providing and, of course, love. The best way to get there? He thinks—and we agree—that it’s Financial Freedom.

Understanding True Financial Freedom

True Financial Freedom is more than how much money is in your investment portfolio, how big your house is or the kind of fancy car you drive. In fact, Financial Freedom has nothing at all to do with those things. Financial Freedom means choice, having the opportunity to dedicate yourself to helping others—or whatever you’re passionate about—because your monthly expenses are covered by the income from your Freedom Generator.

Andrew’s story shows us that through passion, life becomes fulfilling, and through fulfillment, life is lived. And Financial Freedom makes that possible.

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