4 Ways Automation Can Make You A Better Investor

You already know that automation is a powerful tool in accelerating your journey to Financial Freedom. But did you know that automation can make you a better investor?

You may already be using automation successfully with the bank accounts in your Perfect Account Structure. In that structure, you decide in advance how to allocate money to your Pay Yourself First Account, your Everyday account, your goal accounts and more.

But there are even more areas of your finances that you can set on autopilot. Today we’re expanding our idea of what Automation is. We’re showing you four ways you can use the power of automation to make reaching your financial goals faster and easier!

Dr. Tony is the co-founder of MindShift.money and the best-selling author of three books on personal and business finances. Having achieved Financial Freedom at 27, Dr. Tony believes that through Financially Fit Bootcamp and Cash Flow Cure everyone can get there. He has made it his life’s mission to help others live a life where their money works for them—not the other way around.

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