How To Avoid A Post-Holiday Debt Hangover

Throughout this holiday season, have you had the feeling you’re just handing over your debit card without thinking? Are you spending on a credit card now and figuring you’ll deal with it later? Well, what happens when the day comes (in just a few weeks!) when you do have to deal with it?

If you’re overspending on holiday cheer, the guilty feelings that start to creep in can ruin what should be a great time of year. And between gifts, celebrations, get-togethers and more gifts, spending over the holiday can affect your January too. If you’re not paying attention, you can easily create a situation where you can’t pay your bills for the next month.

Avoid The Debt Hangover

All that overspending has consequences. So if you’re feeling anxiety, dread and overwhelm, and you can’t figure out why, it’s Money Stress. And when it’s around the holidays, we call it a “debt hangover.”

In this video, Makaylah shares the way she avoids the debt hangover—and how she pays for the costs that seem like they’re a surprise when they’re really not!

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