This Drove My BS Meter into the Red Zone

Boy, oh boy!

This US election campaign is the exact reason I barely ever read the news. It’s usually BULLSHIT, or a dramatic spin of the truth. It reels you in like bait and keeps you up at night.

I know this to be true for me. The one time I did read the news (in over 5 years) was during this election, and it did kept me up at night.

And when I did eventually fall asleep, I had a dream that my girlfriend woke wake me up and said “Clinton won! They got it wrong!”

My dream didn’t come true.

But, in the clarity of the day following I brushed off the fear and began seeking the truth.

This is the second time this year that the “talking heads”, media “pundits” and Wall Street analysts got an election wildly wrong!

First, there was the Brexit vote last June. The “experts” were 100% convinced that the UK would vote to stay in the EU.  In fact, the markets had all but priced in the “certainty” of that vote. Of course, the opposite happened. Global markets tanked, along with the British pound.

But not for long!  The market slide quickly reversed, further confounding and scaring the average D.I.Y. investor half to death.

Flash forward to Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

TV news anchors and the financial media had long forecast a Clinton Presidency as inevitable.  However, predictability can be boring.

Fear is what sells in the media marketplace. Screaming headlines and declarations of doom increase viewership. So the message sent out to gullible viewers was this.

If Trump wins, the economy will explode, along with the markets. Not to mention global unrest and growing tensions with Western allies. Although nothing had happened as yet, the news anchors were busy ramping up the fear angle to make more headlines and keep viewers glued to their TV screens.

So when election results began streaming in later that night — with news of Trump winning in the battleground states of Florida and Ohio — newscasters began to pump up the fear angle associated with a Trump victory, to an even greater degree.

Overnight futures trading in the global markets responded accordingly.  At one point, in the early hours of Wednesday, the Dow had fallen by more than 800 points, or 5%, causing the automatic market circuit breakers to halt futures trading.

However, when the U.S. markets opened Wednesday morning, the overnight “flight to safety” had miraculously reversed. The markets quickly rebounded, and the Dow closed up 256 points.

Did the media tell you that part?

Political change begets uncertainty and uncertainty begets market volatility

This is a story we’ve seen hundreds of times before.  The lesson for us is clear.

Don’t expect the “experts” to have all the right answers.  They won’t.

But they will continue to make their forecasts and predictions ad infinatum. You must tune them out.

The media stirs up fear and uncertainty, thereby disempowering people. Amid short-term market volatility, feelings of incompetence can easily overwhelm investors, causing them to conclude …

“Hey, I don’t understand what’s going on! I need help!”  Out of all this fear, analysis paralysis can set in.

Average investors may decide to sell everything and sit on the sidelines or … they may  decide they had better give up control of their financial futures, by hiring investment “professionals”, the money institutions, to manage their money for them.

Here’s my bottom line.  Don’t fall into the fear trap. If you listened to the news these past few days, you would think the world was going to explode.

It hasn’t!

You have to look beyond all the “noise” in the media.  They’re not there to help you or to tell you the TRUTH!  The media is there to make profits for themselves and their shareholders.

The money managers are there to make money for themselves, their companies and their shareholders.  Maybe they’ll also help you make a little money along the way, that’s fine … but it sure isn’t their primary motive.

You, and  you alone, are in charge of your Personal Financial Freedom.

You can’t afford to give up control to anybody else.  You can’t let emotions and headlines determine the actions you take to build a secure financial future.

Seek the truth first. Not the Bullshit that is spun by the media.

And if you are really worried about your investments and Freedom Generator – I recommend you check out this article by Co-Founder of Dr Tony Pennells. It will rid of your fear immediately.

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