What if we told you the secret to “Financial Freedom” actually lives outside your business… and the power to achieve it is within you?

building your businessIntroducing The Truth: The Real Secret To Building a Business That Sets You Free by Founders Dr. Tony Pennells and Makaylah Rogers. This book reveals the TRUE Freedom Model. Learn precisely how you can transform your business to enjoy a far better quality of life today and secure your financial freedom, while making a real impact in the world.

This book contains step-by-step strategies that have delivered 100% time-Freedom to those that apply it. Inside you’ll discover:

  • The only 2 business models that can turn your business into a personal Financial Freedom machine.
  • How to avoid the Cash Flow Crunch – that dreaded trap that keeps business owners stuck and 50% worse off than employees at the end of their working lives.
  • The key concepts to successfully manage your money the same way the top 4% of wealthy business owners do.


“Tony & Makaylah are changing the conversation being had about money in massive ways around the world. They’ve been instrumental in helping shift the way Justin and I think about how we can create our own Financial Freedom and Wealth through our current business model – and they’ve done the same for many of our students. They are credible, capable, but most importantly – they really care! Do whatever you can to learn from these masters!”.
— Callan Rush & Justin Livingston –Founders of Lucrative Luminary Training inc.

“Tony & Makaylah are changing the money paradigm for everyone. They share innovative, grounded, practical and inspiring information that you will eagerly use to create brand new ways for money to work with and for you within a foundation of Freedom. Their systems are new and powerfull and I highly endorse them and their work.”
— SARK – Bestselling Author & Artist at

“We are all being called to step into new ways of BEing, including how we handle our money. That goes double for entrepreneurs, who are notorious for making it yet not keeping it. Tony and Makaylah truly understand the realities of running a business AND what it takes to create Financial Freedom. The information in this book is life-changing.”
— Elizabeth Purvis,

“This is a must-read for every entrepreneur. I had a significant “Mindshift” working with Tony and Makaylah. The key concepts in this book have helped me get more clarity in my business and will allow me to work in a more strategic way to ensure Financial Freedom for generations to come.”
— Jill Wesley

“Want to create a business that sets you free rather than hold you hostage? Read this book. Period.”
— Isabelle Mercier, CEO of LeapZone Strategies, Global Brand Strategist and viral TEDx Speaker