It’s About Time: Finally, The Truth About Money by Co-Founder, Dr. Tony Pennells, is a revolutionary method to take control of your financial destiny forever. If you want to cure money stress and create true financial freedom, this book will teach you exactly how.

The reason 96% of the population fail to achieve financial freedom is that they have never had access to the correct information. Finally, the truth revealed in this book will work for you as it has for countless others.

When is your date with Financial Freedom? It’s closer than you know…and this book will walk with you through how to get there step-by-step. We’ll tell you

  • How to stop money stress immediately by understanding past conditioning and mentally preparing to shift the way you think about money.
  • How to become Financially Fit in 30 days or less using proven tools to stabilize and take control of your current money situation.
  • How to chart your path to Financial Freedom through tested philosophies and strategies to invest, create new income streams, protect your wealth, and pass it on.

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