Vanessa Horn, MBA

Vanessa Horn, MBA, speaker, author and business coach is recognized as a top speaker and life coach helping individuals rise to their greatness in all areas of their lives through principle-centered and heart-centered living. She has worked with over 10,000 purpose-driven entrepreneurs to help them build businesses working from home.

Her passion is helping entrepreneurs tap into their unique message and helping them create a high-end personal brand and presence that positions them to STAND OUT in their industry in such a way that their ideal clients pursue THEM.

Known for delivering transformation through inspiration and practical solutions, Vanessa has demonstrated with grace the successful balance of the roles of motherhood, corporate executive, and business owner all in a day’s work. She’s helped transform the lives of thousands of clients from the inside out as they’ve reported:

  • Living life by design rather than by default
  • Their income increased, the debt decreased
  • Increased work performance
  • Reduced stress
  • Their marriages strengthened.
  • They enjoy better quality of life and happiness by transforming their thoughts and perspectives.
  • They experience greater levels of authentic connection with co-workers and other like-minded individuals in their lives than they ever have.
  • They’ve lost weight they have carried for years and feel greater energy than they’ve ever experienced.
  • They learned how to love themselves well and in turn are able to love others well.

Background & Education

  • Undergraduate degree in Organizational/Interpersonal Communications
  • MBA with a focus in international entrepreneurship and marketing.
  • Certified Leadership Coach
  • Speaker to audiences as large as 10,000
  • Dynamic workshop leader creating transformation in clients from the inside out
  • Hired directly out of MBA program into a Fortune 500 management rotation program designed for grooming future top executives.
  • Worked in corporate America for eight years in key positions impacting strategic and international direction of companies who help top market share in their respective industries.
  • Recognized as an industry spokesperson at conventions with publications in business journals.
  • Specialized in marketing profitability analysis and corporate development including due diligence and capital investment analysis.
  • Owned a franchise recognized as top two of franchises in Entrepreneur.coms annual Franchise 500 rankings in 2005.
  • Rose to a top income earner position in her marketing businesses in record time, bringing in a million in sales in just over a year while working a full-time corporate job and raising two boys under the age of two.
  • Consulted companies on training, creating cultures, and analysis of compensation plans for both start-ups and established companies
  • Recognized as a top leader and trainer within the personal development and business ownership industries
  • Married to the love of her life and life partner for thirteen years and counting
  • Proud mother of three wonderful boys.
  • Active in her church community.

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