Build Your Dream Life (And An Awesome Business) Like Joshua Hayward

How different would your life be if you had realized the power of putting your money to work for you at the age of 11?

Joshua Hayward is a remarkable person for many reasons and starting his investment journey when he was 11 is just one of them.

Joshua had a family friend that was a stockbroker. When he tried to explain to Joshua exactly what he did, Joshua took away that he could “make money by not doing anything.”

Inspired, he started saving the money he earned mowing lawns and shoveling snow. Unlike others his age, he didn’t spend it on video games, time with friends or comic books. He started investing that money in $100 and $200 increments.

That’s an incredible amount of motivation at an age when most kids are more concerned with fun than compound interest.

Chasing His Tail

At age 21, Joshua began attending personal development seminars. This is where he realized his true passion: helping others use their time and money more efficiently so they can live the life they dream about. He knew he had discovered something life-changing, and he wanted to share that message with the world.

Unfortunately, that’s when he made a disastrous mistake. Rather than creating a business designed around his life, he created two full-time jobs doing almost 100 live events a year. (I’m exhausted even thinking about it!)

Joshua finally acknowledged he was chasing his tail and burning out trying to be everything to everyone. He took a much-needed step back. Then he decided to close his business.

Going forward, Joshua took very specific steps to create the life he truly wanted, and you can follow his example to transform your future.

Set Criteria For Your Life

What DO you want?

First, you need to get very specific on what you want your ideal life to look like. If you don’t know what you’re aiming for, how will you know when you hit the target?

When he evaluated what he wanted most in life, Joshua realized he wanted to travel and go on endless adventures. A life of exploring was far superior to the constant grind of preparing for and executing his next live event.

Build Your Dream Life

How can you build a business around the life you want?

Joshua knew he wanted to the capability to work from anywhere in the world. So he designed his business model with this in mind.

He also realized he still had passion for helping others achieve their goals, and he wanted to continue this work. But this time his focus was different. Instead of trying to be everything to everyone, Joshua narrowed his audience to other leaders and focused on individual and group coaching.

More importantly, he built a business that wasn’t tied to a specific geographical location.

Choose The Products That Fit

What can you offer that matches your intentionally designed life?

 Joshua asks an amazing question that every entrepreneur should consider when designing a business.

“How can you create value for someone in the marketplace in a way that isn’t directly tied to your time?”

Joshua knew that to build the life he wanted he needed to carefully choose the products and services he offered.  Specifically, what he offers needs to match his lifestyle while he’s still on the road to Financial Freedom.

Today, he’s still trading time for money, but he’s leverages his time and only works 4-8 hours a week. If he does work more, it’s becaue he chooses to do so. This flexibility in his schedule lets him live his dream while earning more than enough to fund his lifestyle. Now, Joshua can focus on the important things like planning his next adventure!

Start today to rethink how you can have the Freedom you’ve always wanted. Choose to design your ideal lifestyle first, then build your business around it. Your time is far too valuable to do otherwise.

How would you answer Joshua’s question: How can you create value for someone in the marketplace in a way that isn’t directly tied to your time? Share in the comments below!

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