From The Pros: The Good Money Habits You Need To Master Your Finances

When you first start implementing Financially Fit Bootcamp principles into your finances, you’ll feel excited and inspired. But as time goes on, life happens. Keeping up with your finances on an ongoing basis can become less motivating. The good news is, our Financially Fit Bootcamp Certified Coaches and Specialists have been at this a while, and they’ve come up with some good money habits so they keep moving forward. Today, we asked them about those habits. Here’s what they have to say:

Remember, you are the master of your money, not vice versa.

money advice“It’s easy to stay on top of personal finances on an ongoing basis when you see that it is working for you and not against you. In fact it becomes like an exciting game because you are now open to the possibilities and opportunities, not just the hope that freedom can or could be yours one day. Sure it takes a few tweaks initially and over time as money ebbs and flows but when you have control over your money instead of the other way around mastering your personal finances is so much fun.”
Susan Whelan, Founder,


Set reminders and alerts and make it fun!

“I put a date in my calendar on my phone. It reminds me once a month, 72 hours before my paycheck arrives, to take 10 minutes and check my Income Account. I make sure the automatic payments are in place, that the amount of the bill hasn’t changed significantly and that there aren’t any weird charges on my account. My bills stay pretty consistent in their amounts, so there normally isn’t an issue. But should things change, that 72-hour window allows me to make a change on the spot so I never have late fees anymore.

For my Everyday Account, I check it once a week in general, and then have an alert setup if my account goes below a certain amount. It’s a way to keep myself accountable and let me know when I’m getting close to spending all the money in the account.

For my savings, I turned it into a game. I check it once a month, and then color in a chart to show my progress towards my savings goal. Simple, but effective and very motivating!”

Wendy Priester, Owner, D&L Financial Coaching

Set up an Everyday Account.


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