Teach and Grow Rich: Reach Freedom Faster While Making An Impact

Online courses. Chances are, you’ve heard about them or perhaps even participated in one yourself.

Maybe you have an idea for an online course, but you don’t think you have enough experience or expertise in an area to share your knowledge with others. Maybe you have no idea at all where to start.

What you really should know is that developing an online course could create a source of income that would accelerate you on your path to Financial Freedom.

But where to begin?

Let me introduce you to an expert on the subject: Danny Iny.

Danny is the founder of Mirasee, a company that helps entrepreneurs build and develop online educational programs, and is the author of multiple bestselling books including his latest, Teach and Grow Rich.

He understands what it’s like to start from nothing. In fact, it would be more accurate to say he started from less than nothing.

You see, Danny once launched an online educational product—and it was a total disaster.

When the dust settled after the launch, he found himself a quarter of a million dollars in debt with no income to show for it.

That’s right. Not one person bought it.

Rather than giving up, Danny used this failure to develop a clear system of developing online courses that not only created the income he needed, but also made a lasting impact on his audience. This program is what Danny has since used to create more successful educational products.

The educational landscape is changing rapidly

Many would-be students are rejecting the high cost of a university education and are instead turning to real-world experts online to learn how to transform their lives.

In fact, if you’re reading this, you’re one of the many who have come to Mindshift.money to learn how to take control of your financial future and stop trading time for money.

Why not take the skills and abilities you already have to create a lasting impact in the lives of others?

The only requirement, as Danny describes in his book, is that you know something that others will benefit from learning.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an advanced degree in a certain area or if you don’t have a lot of experience working in any field. You don’t even need to have worked in an area professionally to share your insights on a topic.

In fact, I’m confident there is something you know how to do that I don’t know. Something that is so completely natural to you, you don’t even think of it as “genius” anymore. It’s become second nature to you, but it’s not to me.

Because, as long as you’re one step ahead of your audience, you’re the expert.

What is an “educator entrepreneur?”

In his book, Danny describes four different types of “educator entrepreneurs” that successfully create online courses. These are:

The Professionals – Consultants, coaches, speakers and technicians, the Professionals are those who have already positioned themselves as leaders in their industry with the authority and income to show for it.

The Journeymen – This group may not currently be performing at the level of a Professional, but Journeymen have the kind of experience that only comes from working in the trenches of their chosen field. These entrepreneurs may have a side hustle based on their passion,  while still holding down their day job.

The Experts – Experts are deeply passionate about their field and are seen as extremely knowledgeable about their chosen subject, but this experience isn’t necessarily connected to their work or even producing an income.

The Insiders – What Insiders lack in experience they make up for in enthusiasm. Often seen as “hobbyists, enthusiasts and aficionados,” these are people with the passion and knowledge to welcome newcomers into a field and get them excited to learn more.

Where do you fit in?

How do you see yourself fitting into one of these categories? Is there a subject that people often seek your advice and insight on? Are there hobbies or areas of interest that you would be great at teaching others?

Before you start to doubt your abilities, consider that Danny helped people create successful courses from “how to teach your children math,” to “how to massage your elderly dog.”

Remember, the only requirement for success is that you know something others would benefit from learning.

No matter what type of “educator entrepreneur” you are, you can use your unique perspective to create an online course that will impact the lives of others.

Danny has created multiple successful products to teach others how to effectively build and market their online courses.

His process and techniques, outlined in Teach and Grow Rich, have allowed his students to stop trading their time for money and create the financial life they truly desire.

And luckily for you, Teach and Grow Rich is free on Kindle until January 30, 2017.

If you’re looking for proven, actionable advice to guide you from “no idea” to building and selling your first course, this book has the tools to get you started.

Don’t miss your opportunity to create more freedom, income and impact in your life with online courses. Get the free Kindle version of Teach and Grow Rich here.

This is a sponsored post on MindShift.money partner Danny Iny.

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