Mindset Hacks: How to Revolutionize Your Business

If you ask most small business owners what the most stressful aspect of their business is, chances are they’ll say “marketing.”

When asked specifically what they find difficult, there’s a wide variety of responses:

  • I’m an introvert, and it’s hard to talk to people;
  • I hate being a sales person;
  • My product or service must be terrible, no one wants to buy it;
  • Marketing is stressful; or
  • Everyone else seems to find clients so easily, but I just can’t.

We all know attracting new customers is vital to the success and growth of any small business. So why do so many business owners find this task so difficult?

Most people have a hard time talking about themselves. You might feel like you sound pushy, and self-promotion is outside of most people’s comfort zone.

And truthfully, you’d rather focus on innovating, developing new products and interacting with customers than be distracted by the latest marketing gimmick.

But most business advice tells you to:

  • Get out of your comfort zone;
  • Talk to everyone you can as much as you can to get the word out about your business;
  • Network, network, network; and
  • Do whatever you need to do to attract clients! (e.g. Pretend to be something you’re not for the sake of attracting clients)

Most of this advice is overwhelming and ineffective. You hate doing it, so you put it off. And, at some point, you think why bother?

But what if there was another to market?

Jeanna Gabellini is the creator of MasterPEACE Coaching and Training, where she teaches small business owners how to leverage the power of intention and fun to double their profits.

In 11 Easy Mindset Hacks to Become a Client Magnet, Jeanna talks about why mindset, not tactics, is the real fuel for attracting new clients.

The fact is, your mindset influences everything you do in your business, from the decisions you make about products to the actions you take to grow your business. But if your mindset is sabotaging your efforts, you’ll never see the results you desire.

You need to have a mindset that will help you shift into “client attraction mode” so that bringing in new business feels effortless and automatic.

But how do you develop a mindset that will help you accomplish this?

By recognizing the values and beliefs that are currently influencing your mindset and shifting that mindset about client attraction to become more in line with what’s driving you.

Jeanna explains that most business owners fall into one of two categories when it comes to client attraction:

Relationship Driven – You enjoy making clients feel good, and you want to be likeable. But you get into trouble by slashing prices just to get the client or to “be nice.” When you start to think about clients as creating income rather than creating a relationship, the interaction feels awful.

Mission Driven – You want to show your clients how to achieve the results they desire using the most direct route. You’re comfortable with working hard to implement marketing strategies, and if you feel it’s not working, you simply push harder to try and attract more clients. But that can be very off-putting to potential clients. You also have a tendency to disconnect your heart from your head when you network and market your business. This can be uncomfortable for potential clients who feel like you only see them as a dollar sign.

Maybe you fall into both categories, but when the going gets tough, you will naturally lean in one direction over the other.

So why is understanding how you attract clients important?

As Jeanna describes in 11 Easy Mindset Hacks to Become a Client Magnet, showing up with the right energy and mindset is crucial to attracting not only new clients, but more importantly the clients she calls “Five Star Clients.” These are high quality clients who exhibit the qualities, values and traits you most desire.

You need to understand what drives you, so you can bring in more business and use that leverage to align your marketing with your mindset. Successfully aligning your marketing and mindset moves you more into your natural “flow state” clients recognize as authentic and are attracted to.

When you have the right mindset to attract Five Star Clients by operating from your “flow state,” you never have to pretend to be something other than what you are, because high quality clients will always be attracted to what you have to offer.

When you’ve mastered client attraction (and taken the money management steps that we teach at MindShift.money), you’ll have more than enough to create a true lifestyle business that revolves around you. You can stop trading time for money and live the life you’ve always dreamed of, Financially Free!

Jeanna is truly a master of client attraction. Her cheat sheet 11 Easy Mindset Hacks to Become a Client Magnet helps you rethink marketing your business. And the marketing you used to dread will be a joy rather than a burden.

Now is the perfect time to learn more about integrating mindset into your business! Jeanna is offering a FREE copy of 11 Mindset Hacks to Instantly Attract Clients for a limited time. Dig deeper into developing a client attraction mindset and change how you think about growing your business.


This is a sponsored post by Jeanna Gabellini. The views expressed in this article are their own. To learn more about Jeanna, visit our Specialist Panel.

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    Amazing value here!!! I love the contrast between Mission Driven and Relationship Driven!

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