From The Pros: How To Develop Successful Business Habits

Your business is a long game. And as exciting as the early days are, creating habits and rituals that help you stay on top of growth and drive your business toward success is important. Our Cash Flow Cure Coaches, all business owners themselves, share their successful habits in business.

business money challenges vikki morgan

Make your goals achievable.

“Weekly meetings to review what actions need to take place and what action have been completed. We all have a part to play – I spent years thinking I had to do it on my own and if I didn’t then people would think I was incapable but in really this has only held me back from achieving more. Set goals based on your highest vision and then break them down to manageable sizes and start.”

Vikki Morgan, Founder, Independent Woman By Design

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Create an energizing routine for your mornings.

I get up early every morning usually around 4:30 or 5 am, drink a hot cup of water with lemon. Spend 15 minutes in gratitude and meditation – read something for at least 15 mins than do an hour of pilates or yoga. Hit the shower and I am ready for the day. It sets my tone and attitude, and it really changes my perspective – energy, clarity and focus for the day.

Laura Huntley

business money challenges julian musgrave


“Up at 5am every day off to crossfit to start the day, even when I’m travelling for work. Sets the tone and energy levels for the day.”
Julian Musgrave, Advisor Principal, Your Wealth Matters



business money challenges mick aspinall

Follow the 3 D’s of success.

“The 3 D’s: Discipline, Diligence, Detail, but that’s just me, and it doesn’t work for everybody! Consider needs versus wants and focus on the needs. Consider what is important versus what is urgent and focus on the important.”

Mick Aspinall, Founder and CEO, Factor Performance


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