The 3 Best Resources To Find Your Dream And Create Your Freedom

When we consider starting a business, we all dream of the Freedom of entrepreneurship, controlling our own destiny and working on something we’re passionate about. We want to have purpose. That elusive concept that brings so much happiness!

But what if you don’t know what your purpose is? What if you aren’t sure if your interests and focus have been shaped more by outside sources, like your family and the media, than really reflecting your own desires? Well, you might need a hand connecting with yourself.

We’ve looked at this before with our guided meditation from specialist Fia-Lynn Crandall, but the three books below are some of our favorites when it comes to finding your passion. They all focus on making a MindShift to discover what really makes you happy. So check out our reviews below to see which is best for you!

The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals With Soul by Danielle LaPorte

As if the title alone didn’t have us hooked, Danielle LaPorte lives the philosophy every day. After a successful corporate career, even becoming an executive director at a Washington, D.C. think tank, Danielle wanted more. She wanted Freedom. She quit her lucrative job and started Danielle followed her passions and ultimately became an internationally known writer and inspirational speaker.

the desire mapThe Desire Map is Danielle’s guidebook to help others bridge the gap between business and soul. The book will walk you through discovering first how you want to feel, instead of what you want to achieve. Her belief is that it is easier to create happiness if you know what values and emotions are important to you. Finally, her workbook discusses how to mold those desired feelings into purposeful goals and profitable business ideas that can help you create your own freedom.

Who is this book great for? Danielle is well known for being an inspiration to women and is a major believer in the power of the feminine spirit. While we know many men who have loved and benefited from The Desire Map, it may be a better fit for those who aren’t afraid to connect with their emotional side.

The Rituals For Living Dreambook By Briana & Peter Borten

The Rituals for Living Dreambook is really more of a planner or workbook than a traditional book. But it earned a spot on our list as its format is perfect for anyone looking to start a lasting business with purpose. Being an entrepreneur, especially in the early days, is a roller coaster. Sometimes you’ll have all the energy and appreciation in the world to chase your goals. Sometimes all will feel impossible. The Dreambook keeps you focused through it all!

Starting with, appropriately, a section on “dreaming”, the workbook helps you understand your dreams and narrow your vision. Then the workbook moves into planning. Briana and Peter understand that big goals are important, but we need staged goals to help us feel accomplished on the journey. Finally, the book is broken down into beautiful weekly pages for planning, setting goals and necessary tasks. One of our favorite parts of the Dreambook was the “Weekly Download” that encourages you to find gratitude in every week as you chase your dreams!

A very impressive aspect of this book i its ability to strike a balance between giving structure and guidance while allowing you to customize for your own needs and preferences.

Who is this book great for? If your mind is swimming with ideas, but you have no idea how to center those ideas into actionable goals or a business plan, the Dreambook is for you. This workbook will help you focus your vision and get you on the right track to building a lasting business.

Ignite: A Little Book to Spark Your BIG Dreams By Mitch Matthews

Remember when anything seemed possible? When you imagined starting a treehouse design business with your best friend?  In this short and powerful book, author Mitch Matthews focuses on helping you shake off the cobwebs and reconnect with that ability to dream big. He believes we all have the ability to create big, exciting goals and then turn them into profitable businesses.

Ignite by Mitch MatthewsThe first section of Ignite helps and challenges you to remember what it is like to connect with your passion. Mitch understands that all the typical trappings of a 9-to-5, family and a busy life make it easy to forget to question the status quo.

Then, with your goals in mind, Mitch encourages you to take action. With many amazing tips, his principles are definitely in line with the MindShift principles. This book wants you to start with the end in mind to create a business that lasts!

Who is this book great for? Those of us who need a little encouragement to believe we can build a business we love. If you’ve been living day-to-day, without much reflection on your passion, Ignite will definitely shake you awake! Because who wants to live a conventional life?

Starting Your Business For Freedom And Purpose

Building a Freedom Generator business starts with an idea. An idea that inspires you, is in line with your values, and can regularly generate strong cash flow. If you are still stuck on identifying your passion, any of the above books can get you on the right track. Don’t be afraid to connect with your inner dreamer today!

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