The 3 Best Resources To Find Your Dream And Create Your Freedom

When we consider starting a business, we all dream of the Freedom of entrepreneurship, controlling our own destiny and working on something we’re passionate about. We want to have purpose. That elusive concept that brings so much happiness!

But what if you don’t know what your purpose is? What if you aren’t sure if your interests and focus have been shaped more by outside sources, like your family and the media, than really reflecting your own desires? Well, you might need a hand connecting with yourself.

We’ve looked at this before with our guided meditation from specialist Fia-Lynn Crandall, but the three books below are some of our favorites when it comes to finding your passion. They all focus on making a MindShift to discover what really makes you happy. So check out our reviews below to see which is best for you!

Chelsea Brennan is a former Wall Street financial analyst and investment manager who changed gears in her career to chase her passion of improving financial literacy and independence. She is now a personal finance writer and content marketer. Chelsea shares her obsession with budgeting, investing, and raising financially smart kids at

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