Why You Need To Think Big Picture When Hiring For Your Legacy Business

The biggest difference between a Legacy Business and a Profit Business is that the former is self-sustaining. Your goal is to form a business you eventually sell to partially or completely fund your personal Freedom Generator. Ultimately, a Legacy Business will exist, and hopefully thrive, with or without your daily attention.

The only way to create an organization that runs without you is to hire people who are at least as talented, if not more talented, than you. To do this, you need to invest more money and resources up front.

While there’s a lot of advice on how to hire the right candidate, one thing you might be struggling with is how to balance your limited resources (e.g., cash flow) with the need to hire the right individuals who will help your business grow.

Thinking Big: Finding The Right Talent, Affordably

There are several factors to consider when weighing who to hire in a Legacy Business including:

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