Are You Stuck In the Business Owner’s Trap?

Every day in the Business Owners Only Community at, we talk to entrepreneurs who have fallen into the soul-crushing Business Owner’s Trap.

All these entrepreneurs have one thing in common. Let’s use Sally as an example. Sally wanted Freedom from the 9 to 5 grind, the unreasonable bosses and the endless drudgery of her corporate job. She wanted the Freedom to work how and when she wanted, and most importantly, she wanted control over her own life. Her dream was to start her own business—one that would someday operate without her. She believed in herself, and she took the leap.

But after two or three years of hard work and sacrifice, Sally took a good look at her life and realized she wasn’t really Free. She was a one-woman army, inseparable from her business. Without even noticing, her business had become a job. Her dreams of Financial Freedom, fulfillment and success were still just that: dreams.

That’s not what she set out to do, so how did she end up in the Business Owner’s Trap? More importantly, how does she escape?

Avoiding the Business Owner’s Trap

Your goal is to serve your clients while also accelerating your own growth toward Personal Financial Freedom outside your business. Any other approach lands you squarely in the Business Owner’s Trap with no way out.

To reach that goal, you need an operational structure that ensures efficiency, growth and effective bottom-line results. We talk about how to do this in Phase Three of our Cash Flow Cure Program.

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