How to Set Up Your Business the Right Way

On the day you decided to create a business, did you automatically know how to set up your business the right way? Did someone hand you an instruction manual for success? Probably not.

How about access to experienced mentors? What about the tools to build a profitable business and accelerate your journey to Financial Freedom? Probably not those either. If you’re ready to go from business concept to success, have a peek at the proven process that allows our Business Owner Only community members to thrive.

Phase #1: Get Crystal Clear

In the first phase of Cash Flow Cure, you take the time to separate yourself from your business and clarify your ultimate business goal.

First, you create a clear distinction between your business and personal finances. Turn over every financial rock to identify the places where you’re commingling your assets. Then create an action plan for fully separating the two.

Once you’ve established an undiluted picture of your finances, it’s time to crystallize precisely what you want to create with your business. You probably started your business because you had a vision for its impact on the world. But at the same time, your mission is likely constrained by the fact that you rely on your business profits to provide you with a steady income. So it’s only once you’ve accounted for your personal financial needs outside of your business’ cash flow that your business is truly free to pursue the full potential of your vision.

The way to untether your business mission is to calculate your Freedom Number, build your Freedom Generator and flip it on when you hit that number!

Phase #2: Customize What You Offer

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