The 2 Business Models That Will Unlock Your Personal Financial Freedom

We’ve been talking about why separating your personal and business worlds is necessary to fully express your vision to the world. If you don’t create a separate space for each area of your life, the stress from one will bleed into the other, making you miserable.

But you don’t have to live like that anymore. There’s a better way to live and run your business!

Your business can and should accelerate you on the path to Freedom, not jeopardize or slow you down. Make your business work for you, not the other way around.

To do this, you need to know what kind of business you have. Which of the (only!) two business models that will unlock your Personal Financial Freedom are you building?

The Two Types Of Business Models

There are only two types of business models that create Financial Freedom. If your current business model isn’t following one of these two models, you have to make a change. And the sooner the better.

Profit Business

You’re living this model if you need to take regular profits out of your business to support your personal world and build your Freedom Generator.

Legacy Business

A Legacy Business is designed to be sold. Many business owners think they have a Legacy Business, but they haven’t done the planning to make it happen. The sale of the business generates the funds to power your Freedom Generator in one go. While working towards this goal, you’re also taking out regular profits to start building your Freedom Generator along the way.

What Are You Building?

Considering these two definitions, which model most closely aligns with your current way of doing business? Is this the type of business you thought you would have?

Both models will lead you to freedom, but you need to be clear about which model you’re building. If you don’t create a target, how will you know when you’ve hit it?

Any choices you make within your business bring you either closer or further away from your goal of Financial Freedom. If your current way of doing business isn’t working for you and isn’t setting you up for success that will lead to your Freedom, the time has come to make some serious changes.

Is It Possible For Me?

We need to dispel the myth that Financial Freedom is only for a chosen few. The truth is Financial Freedom is vital, not just a nice option.

In fact, your business can’t reach its full potential if you are entirely financially dependent on it. Like most business owners, you got into business to share your vision with the world. But if your business is your sole source of income, your vision can never be fully realized. And that’s because you’re too focused on meeting your basic financial needs to have the impact you want.

Freedom isn’t just for a chosen few. It’s a necessity.

Let’s start making that dream a reality today.


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