How One Simple MindShift Helped Jill Succeed

Jill Wesley had the expertise to build a powerful business. She has 25 years experience working with tech firms and nonprofits as a corporate trainer and executive coach.

She recognized the need for a special kind of consultant to help people who truly want to affect change. Jill helps change-makers design offers and programs for corporate clients so they can reach as many people as possible.

Overcoming A Mindset

While her niche was unique, and her personal experience more than qualified her to fill the need, Jill had a moneyblock stopping her from growing her business.

Her challenges were overcoming concerns about earning large sums of money and truly understanding the concept of Financial Freedom. Because she is already in a career she loves, she has no problem working until retirement age.

She wants to continue working, so there didn’t seem to be a reason to pursue Financial Freedom. To her, it seemed greedy to build a company that brought in large amounts of revenue when she already had a fulfilling business and career.

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