How Learning Her Freedom Number Gave Erin Clarity

Every experience in her life contributed to this point, says Erin Martell, owner of Lane Change Media. Each job and stage in her life gave her the wide variety of skills and knowledge she needed to be who she is today—a successful business owner.

After her graduation from St. John’s College in Maryland, she had a strong interest in criminal justice, specifically the juvenile justice system. She went on to get a Masters in criminal justice, but her graduation fell on September 11, 2001. The fallout from the worst attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor meant she and her fellow criminal justice graduates faced incredible uncertainty as they began their job searches.

The Safe Job Isn’t Always The Right Job

“I was offered several jobs, and I chose not the right job, but the safe job and the high profile job,” Erin said. “I was working at the American Bar Association in the juvenile justice section managing their grants which is not what I went to school [for]. I went to school to do substantive work to change the face of juvenile justice. And that is not where I ended up, so I was pretty unhappy. I loved the people I was working with, but they were focused on eliminating the juvenile death penalty in the US and going to the Supreme Court, and I was putting numbers into spreadsheets.”

A move with her new husband to Los Angeles promised a fresh start. Neither had employment lined up but they had a certain amount of money they planned to live on while they job searched. But as they reached the end of their resources, Erin again panicked and fell back into taking another safe job, this time managing grants in the healthcare industry, completely outside of the criminal justice field.

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  • Makaylah on March 23, 2017 at 9:24 am

    Such an inspiring story! Erin, you are a rockstar!

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