Don’t Make The Mistake Of “Hustling” For Financial Freedom

Makaylah Rogers grew up with the mindset that she needed to get good grades in high school, to get into university and get a degree in medicine, engineering or physiotherapy. When she sat down with a guidance counselor to determine her college plans, the counselor said the most successful students majored in medicine, engineering or physical therapy.

“I remember sitting there with the guidance counselor,” Makaylah said, “and him saying I had to choose one”.

“And I remember shaking my head as I submitted my university application knowing that I wasn’t interested in any of those career paths”.

Then after high school graduation, Makaylah experienced a seizure in the middle of Perth city while she was working. After extensive testing, doctors determined her seizure had no medical cause but was the result of severe stress. That diagnosis led Makaylah to start rethinking her life path. She decided to put an end to the stress of ‘getting good grades’ for something she had no interest in. Rather than head straight to university, she took a gap year and traveled to the United States.

The Unbeaten Path

During that year, Makaylah came to the realization that her mission in life was to help people. She wanted to start a humanitarian movement to eradicate certain realities in the world that she believed didn’t need to exist, such as childhood trauma and abuse, poverty and money struggles. But her path wouldn’t be traditional. She no longer wanted to attend university, because there was no degree for what she wanted to do.

So instead of heading back to school like many of her peers, Makaylah choose to build a business that would create the wealth she planned to use to help people. She started a direct sales business in the United States and then returned to Australia to become a keynote speaker, work in real estate sales and build a couple other start-ups. She sold her first house at 19 while learning all she could about business and creating movements.

Misunderstanding Financial Freedom


Her understanding of wealth was fundamentally flawed at this stage of her life, however. She Paid Herself First, never went into debt and didn’t have burdensome student loans like many of her 20-something counterparts. But she had set up a false dichotomy for herself. First, she thought, she had to hustle and work to build wealth. Then, once she was rich, she could help people. She believed that without financial abundance, she couldn’t make the impact on the world that she wanted to.

Makaylah knew she wanted Financial Freedom and abundance so she could use it to better the world, but when she heard mentors speak about Freedom she pictured a vague future goal of owning large houses, expensive cars, personal chefs and maybe even a private jet.

All the entrepreneurs she was around spoke of the need to “hustle” and work hard now to have Freedom later. Besides not quite making sense to Makaylah, that achievement felt completely unattainable. Once again, just like in high school, she believed what she heard and fell in line with what she was told.

Even though she knew stress caused her health problems, like the seizure right out of high school, she found herself in the same situation—hustling herself to death. She started experiencing further health problems as a result of her incredibly busy lifestyle.

Financial Mindshift

Around this time Makaylah met Dr. Tony at the second seminar he ever held. She was intrigued by what he had to say. For the first time in her life, she felt like the Freedom she wanted wasn’t that far away.

Tony explained to Makaylah that Financial Freedom is nothing more than a number, the amount she needed to come in monthly without working for it. Financial Freedom didn’t necessarily mean owning lots of real estate, nice cars and airplanes. Instead, it meant Makaylah would no longer have to exchange her time for money and could pursue influencing the world for good without worrying about her own financial stability.

While her previous idea of Financial Freedom seemed wildly unattainable—at least for the time being—now the idea seemed simple. This version of Financial Freedom was something she could reach in just a few years.

Makaylah is the kind of person who likes things to happen quickly. Once she understood Financial Freedom, she wanted it to happen as soon as possible so she could begin helping people. She set her original Freedom Number at $4,000 a month.

Building a Movement

Along the way, however, she discovered she didn’t have to achieve Financial Freedom before she could get to work on her dreams. While Makaylah was on the path to Financial Freedom, she and Tony joined forces to create a movement centered around changing the way the world behaved with money, making financial literacy available to the world and empowering people to create Financial Freedom for themselves.

“I knew I wanted abundance, and I wanted to create movements in the world follow my path as a humanitarian,” Makaylah said. “It was really the shift of realizing that I can help people now, create a movement and build Freedom at the same time. I didn’t need to ‘hustle’ now for Freedom later.  Following that belief was essentially like a carrot dangling in front of me going ‘if you get this, then you can have that.’ Whereas my belief now is that you can have both at the same time. I can build Freedom doing what I love.”

Together, they created The Freedom Club and began offering private and group coaching. They went on to develop Financially Fit Bootcamp and the Cash Flow Cure Program, online courses that teach how to take charge of personal and business finances respectively. They first launched in Australia, then moved to eight other countries. Since then, they’ve rebranded the company as and are creating movements in thirty countries on six continents.

“I believe one of the big reasons people don’t choose Freedom is because they don’t realize how simple it is,” Makaylah said. “We plan to change that, because it is simple.”

Tell us in the Business Owner’s Only community: Did you misunderstand Financial Freedom before If so, what was your experience? And how is your life better now?


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  • Larry on March 21, 2017 at 11:02 am

    Wonderful to know what you are all about Makaylah. Your message resonates, super excited to be a part of this movement.

    • Makaylah on March 23, 2017 at 9:22 am

      Thanks Larry! Super excited for you to be a role model and example inside the community 🙂 You rock!

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