Why More Money Doesn’t Motivate Diane

I’ve changed.

I’ve gone from someone who was muddled by money to someone who is clear and focused.

I’ve completely forgiven myself for any bad financial decisions I made in the past. I went from being secretive and weird about money to being open and relaxed about it all (even a little proud of myself for what I make, and what I’ve put together).

I’ve actually become someone completely different. So, how did this all happen?

Well, let’s start with a confession:

I am not motivated by numbers.

It almost feels embarrassing to say that. I’m a business owner and entrepreneur, and I’ve identified with that image of myself for years. I’ve bought and sold businesses, real estate, investments, have created and owned several multi-six figure businesses over the years. I should be motivated by numbers, right? I should have it all together, right?

Turns out trying to motivate me to work for ‘money’ and a number on a spreadsheet isn’t going to work. I’m not intrinsically motivated by it.

I know Dr. Tony and Makaylah tell people not to shoot for the ‘millionaire lifestyle’ of fast cars, diamond necklaces and yachts. But he didn’t have to worry about that with me, because I couldn’t care less about fashion, fancy jewellery or lavish lifestyles.

You know what motivates me?

Exactly what Dr. Tony and Makaylah are teaching about: Freedom.

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