Are You Secretly Scared Of Financial Freedom?

We want everyone to be Financially Free. (We’ve talked about it here, here and here!) Because the beauty of Financial Freedom is that you no longer have to support yourself, and that opens up possibilities. Choice is an incredible superpower, but that might not feel right to everyone. Sounds strange to not want a permanent vacation, right? Who wouldn’t want to sip piña coladas on the beach instead of heading to work every day?

You don’t have to do nothing

If you’re fueled by passion and need a goal to drive you, you may think Financial Freedom will leave you feeling unhappy and unmotivated. But Financial Freedom truly means being able to do whatever you want. It doesn’t mean you have to do nothing.

And, if your internal compass points you to work towards something greater, Financial Freedom is what you need to get there. Because while working toward a dream, you don’t want to worry about supporting yourself. And that’s what Financial Freedom is: financial stability that gives you the Freedom to realize your ambitions — whatever they may be.

How to stay motivated

So what will keep you motivated as you journey to Financial Freedom and once you’re there? Here are five possibilities for how to stay motivated when you’re Financially Free:

Possibility #1: Indulge Your Creative Side

Artists are infamously underpaid for their creations. Striking out as a painter, novelist, potter or musician knowing you’re unlikely to make much money at first or ever is a deterrent. But it’s even harder to finish that first novel while working full-time to support you and your family. When you’re Financially Free, you can experience the life of a “starving artist” — minus the hunger.

Possibility #2: Enter the world of entrepreneurship

Have an idea for the next great app or mega-popular subscription box? With Financial Freedom you buy yourself the time to develop your idea. You have a greater opportunity to make your idea the next big thing. You have the time to devote to real innovation. Yes, you’ll want investors to support your start-up. But your Financial Freedom removes the risk to you personally. (One more reason why we separate business and personal)

Possibility #3: Turn your hobby into a profession

Combine options 1 & 2 to make a business based around your hobby. Do you love DIY home repair projects, gardening/landscaping, crafting or gaming? Start a business that gets you paid for doing what you love. Since you don’t need to worry about paying your personal bills, you have the opportunity to build something that may take time to catch on.

Possibility #4: Become a digital nomad

When Financial Freedom frees you from traditional employment, you’re no longer tethered to one place. Take advantage of that! See the world. Visit all the places on your bucket list. Enjoy lengthy vacations alone or with friends or your family, or go all the way and become a digital nomad. Grab your laptop, sell your house, buy an RV or a plane ticket, and embark on an adventure that never has to stop.

Possibility #5: Give back

Financial Freedom allows you to make meaningful contributions to the world without worrying about the paycheck. Unfortunately, in the United States, folks who dedicate themselves to helping others are often underpaid. So become a teacher, start volunteering or working at your local animal shelter or join an NGO that is saving lives around the world. Dedicate yourself to a cause and see how rewarding life can really be when you’re free to give back without worrying about making rent.

Whether you choose to do nothing or something with your Financial Freedom, the choice is yours. And that’s a pretty amazing feeling!

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