Can Absolutely Everyone Achieve Financial Freedom? Yes!

If I asked you, “Are you interested in money?” you’d likely say, “Yes, of course I am!”

But if I give you truth serum, will I discover you’re actually interested in cold, hard cash? Or would I learn you’re more interested in what money can buy, or do, for you?

Chances are what you’re really interested in is what money can buy—whether that’s mortgage payments or a fancy car or a trip to an exotic locale. Even more than that, what you really want is Freedom of Choice.

Dumping The Money Myths

Many of us are brainwashed to believe money myths like “all I need is a good job to be set for life.” Or believe you can’t have true freedom unless you’re Beyoncé, living a life with mansions, jets and expensive vacations.

In reality, these notions of freedom couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone, regardless of income, social status or location can achieve Financial Freedom with the right tools and commitment.

Now I want you to imagine what that Freedom looks like.

What Does Freedom Mean To You?

Does Freedom mean the ability to pursue your passions? The ones you can’t pursue now because you’re working all the time? Or does it mean travelling to other countries without worrying about whether you’ll miss too much work? What about more time for your kids and family? How about living a stress free life—or more time to sleep in? Jot a few things down if it helps!

Whatever Freedom looks like to you, the 4% of the population that have achieved Financial Freedom used a Freedom Generator to get there. And so can you. A Freedom Generator is just an investment machine designed to do one thing: produce a consistent cash flow that lets you stop exchanging your time for money.

By regularly contributing to your Freedom Generator, you’ll ultimately accumulate enough investments that you’ll never need to trade your time for money again. That’s all you have to do to start living your vision of Freedom.

How Does It Work?

Let’s say you’d consider yourself free with a regular income of $6,000 a month without having to trade your time for that money. If that’s your desired income, and you want to be Financially Free in 10 years, you’ll need to invest about $5,800 a month. If your goal is to be Financially Free in 20 years, you can contribute a little less.

But the more you contribute, the more quickly you’ll achieve Freedom.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the Freedom Generator is accessibility. A Freedom Generator works for everyone, regardless of income, career or celebrity status. If you’re willing to commit to contributing to growing your money, you’ll achieve true Financial Freedom.


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