3 Money Secrets The Wealthy Teach Their Kids

Let me tell you some money secrets.

You’ve probably heard the saying that wealth begets wealth. While not true in every situation, the 4% who are Financially Free do teach their kids different money lessons than the 96%. Recently, Makaylah heard me talking with my son about some of those lessons. She sat down alongside us to listen in on our conversation and ask some great questions.

And, because we want everyone—not just the 4%—to know these secrets, we needed to take this opportunity to share them with you too. And to encourage you to share with your kids as well!

So here are just a few of the essential lessons I’m passing along to my kids:

Money Secret #1: Don’t Believe The Lie

As a child, what were you told over and over by the adults in your life? Go to school. Study. Get good grades. Land a job that you love. Once you do that, life will automatically be great.

But it’s a lie.

There are no guarantees you’ll ever be Financially Secure following that life plan.

Before you’re Financially Free, you’re vulnerable.

You depend on your employer for your income, and that requires you to spend your precious time working for every dollar. The 4% know exchanging time for money is a losing game. So sever the link.

Every day, the 96% get dressed and head to work just so they can trade their time for money. But what if you didn’t have to do that? What if you could send your money out to earn more money for you?

The essential key to earning your Freedom is to build your Freedom Generator one piece at a time. Your goal shouldn’t be to sacrifice your time to work in a job that keeps you financially captive. Instead, focus on buying your time back as fast as you possibly can.

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