What Are Money Blocks?

Hello again! For those that don’t remember me or are just joining us in this series, let me introduce myself. My name is Adriana Carbonell. I’m a life coach dedicated to helping individuals remove the blocks that are keeping them from achieving success and living their best life.

Today, I want to talk to you about the three main blocks people have in their lives: Cluttering Blocks, Family Blocks and Money Blocks.

Cluttering Blocks

Just about everyone has a Cluttering Block of some kind. Whether closets are spilling over with clothes, unused and unnecessary items are left lying around, inboxes full of emails or texts left unanswered. Clutter, it seems, is everywhere. And it has no purpose whatsoever.

There’s so much clutter around that you might not even realize you have a block or how it affects you. It’s in your home, in your mind, all around you. I help identify these Clutter Blocks, so you can remove them and have nothing standing in the way of your success.

Getting rid of clutter is, in fact, another form of Freedom.

Family Blocks

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