What Are Money Blocks?

Hello again! For those that don’t remember me or are just joining us in this series, let me introduce myself. My name is Adriana Carbonell. I’m a life coach dedicated to helping individuals remove the blocks that are keeping them from achieving success and living their best life.

Today, I want to talk to you about the three main blocks people have in their lives: Cluttering Blocks, Family Blocks and Money Blocks.

Cluttering Blocks

Just about everyone has a Cluttering Block of some kind. Whether closets are spilling over with clothes, unused and unnecessary items are left lying around, inboxes full of emails or texts left unanswered. Clutter, it seems, is everywhere. And it has no purpose whatsoever.

There’s so much clutter around that you might not even realize you have a block or how it affects you. It’s in your home, in your mind, all around you. I help identify these Clutter Blocks, so you can remove them and have nothing standing in the way of your success.

Getting rid of clutter is, in fact, another form of Freedom.

Family Blocks


Regardless of whether they’re in your life or not, everyone has family. And many people carry their Family Blocks around with them. These are some of the hardest and most difficult blocks to overcome. Because they are the blocks with the most emotional ties to them.

Family Blocks can come into being after a major change in the family. This could be divorce, or even a joyous occasion such as a birth. They both can be present since childhood. No matter when Family Blocks develop, they can be some of the most destructive types of blocks. This type of block can prevent you from achieving success in life or from developing relationships with your loved ones.

Money Blocks

Money Blocks are some of the biggest blocks people have. And they can severely hinder a person’s ability to achieve success.

Take for instance, the person who’s given an opportunity for a much better job. Instead of focusing on the positive–benefits and a larger salary–they focus on the negative. Maybe they’ll have to move, and they’re unsure of what that will mean. Or maybe they simply don’t want to leave their comfort zone and are scared of what a new job would be like.

These are blocks of resistance and fear of change. But they’re just one type of Money Block that you might be carrying around. The truth is most of us have been carrying around these blocks since we were children.

How many times do children hear from their parents, “We can’t afford it,” or “Money doesn’t grow on trees”? These statements linger in our minds, and we fall back on them as adults without even realizing it.

As adults, those blocks come through as, “I can’t afford that,” or “I have too much debt.” These are many of the same statements I hear from clients during my initial session with them.

My job is to help clients identify these blocks and remove them. Again, most people don’t even realize they have these Money Blocks. And you can’t deal with a problem until you know it’s there. Once the block has been removed, you can achieve the success that seemed so far out of reach before, and get on the path to Financial Freedom.

If you’d like to learn more about money blocks, or you think you may have some major blocks you need to remove, email me at adriana.carbonell81@nullgmail.com or call me at (5255) 7592 5874. I’d love to speak with you and help you find your success!

The views and opinions expressed are those of the guest author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of MindShift.money.

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