Afraid of Investing? You Don’t Have To Be.

Looking to invest and don’t know where to start? Do you want your investment to provide an ongoing income, are you after capital growth or both? At this point in the decision-making process, many people get scared. They’re undecided about what to do with the surplus money they’ve accumulated. The first thing you should do is work out when you want to have access to the money you’re investing. This can determine where you invest that money.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Investing

All investments are different, and some are riskier than others. If you have more time to wait before you want your money back, you may be able to tolerate having the investment go up and down in the short term, while hopefully increasing in value in the long term. These investments can meet both of the earlier mentioned goals. Remember your goal in Financially Fit Bootcamp is ongoing cash flow so you can reach your Freedom Number.

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