A Year Of Change: How To Win With Money

What a difference a year can make, especially when it comes to your finances! Last spring, I gave an insider’s view of the Financially Fit Bootcamp and what that process was like for me.  At the time, it was quite an undertaking. Going through this process involved changing not only my habits around money but also my own money blocks.

One year later, I’ve continued to make changes to my finances. However, I’ve kept to the Money Principles I learned, and the results have been incredible.  Here are a few of the lessons I learned along the way.

Technology Is A Lifesaver

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of automating your finances. This alone was life-changing for me. Over the past year, thanks to consistent deposits, I’ve seen my savings grow rapidly. I saved an amount in my PYF account I never thought was possible. While I still have more to save to reach my goal, seeing how far I’ve come only motivates me to find ways to save even more.

Never think the amount you’re paying yourself is too little to matter. Small deposits add up quickly! Besides, you’re worth every penny and Future You will thank Current You.

Medical Bills Are No Joke

Healthcare costs in the US are staggering and expected to skyrocket in years to come. While doing my taxes this spring I discovered the same was true for me. Due to my autoimmune disease, I know that my medical bills will be higher going forward as I require more care.

In light of this, I realized I needed to increase my Security Buffer. I had contemplated increasing my savings goal from six months to one year while going through Financially Fit Bootcamp. Now that I’ve run the numbers myself, I can see that I need to have to be a minimum of a year, possibly more.

I also increased the amount I’ve allowed in my budget to cover the medical bills that do come my way. That’s another thing this year has taught me. When it comes to my budget, I have the power to adjust it—as needed—to meet my current needs. More importantly, I can make those changes while still planning for the future.

Winning With Money

My biggest win this past year was being in a position to pay cash for unexpected expenses that came up. Having money set aside in advance to cover surprises turned them into inconveniences rather than catastrophes.

My dog needed some veterinary care that was more than I anticipated, but I had the cash to cover it. That was such a relief, and validated my decision to follow the Four Money Principles. I knew I was doing the right thing. So often, the road to paying off debt and saving for the long term can feel discouraging. But this was a moment that made it worth the effort. Now, if I can just get my dachshund to stop eating things he shouldn’t, we won’t be back at the vet for a while…


In looking back at how my financial life has changed over the last year, I can only conclude that FFB changed my life dramatically for the better. I have so much more confidence for managing my finances. The peace of mind I’ve experienced from knowing my bills are paid and I have cash in savings has been unreal.

I don’t know where you are in your money journey, but if you’re in need of a change, I would encourage you to start now. Don’t wait. Yes, the process can seem tedious at first. Yes, this is going to require effort. Yes, you’re going to have to develop some new habits and routines for yourself.  But as someone who once stood where you are now, there is hope. Don’t look back on your life a year from now to find that nothing has changed. You have the power to remake your financial destiny. You just have to take the first step.

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